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To all of the "fans" who feel the need to hate

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Please find someone else to Stan... 

Over the past few days I have seen the most disgusting things said about britney from so called "fans". I have seen people find new things to complain about every 30 seconds on this site. You don't like her album cover, you don't like her music video, you don't like "make me", you don't like "private show", you don't like ******* anything. 

Some of you claim to be her biggest fans.. but in actulaity, YOU are her biggest haters. Over the past few days I have seen this woman being torn to PIECES by people who call themselves fans just because they didn't like something. As fans, aren't we supposed to overlook the bad and only see the good in her? Half of you are supporting and even starting the backlash on her.. How do you think she feels about all of this? 

And to all of you starting petitions and ****, think about how she feels about her FANS going against her. This hate isn't gonna do any good. You are all honestly destroying her right now, and then when she finally gives up you are all gonna blame her when it's not her fault.. it's gonna be your's. 

There is truly no pleasing some of you. What did britney do to deserve this?

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