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Found 4 results

  1. Hi r@+s I’m curious to know which vaccine y’all’s have gotten or decided to get. I’m trying to gather up and do more research before getting mine done so any input or advice would help. Thanks
  2. YES YOU HEARD IT! Thanks to COVID-19, the new RNA vaccine technology emerged which also cleared the path for the first fully effective vaccine against HIV. The first trials have already happened and nobody died. All the people who tested the vaccine have successfully built up an immune response to the HIV virus. After DECADES, the battle against HIV and AIDS is finally coming to an end. Rejoice everyone I am so happy for all of those affected by the virus and AIDS, and for the rest of us who wont have to be afraid of this risk anymore. Sources: Scripps Medical News Today Abc News
  3. Vacciney. A day after Britney shared a video saying she was vaccinated, and that she didn't feel a thing when the needle went in, the US broke the record for single-day vaccines with 4.6 million. Skinny as a needle didn't feel the needle we love to see it. Queen of saving America I know this is a kii but the numbers don't lie Related:
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