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Found 11 results

  1. I MEAN WOAH. Her belt here is insane. her technique is fabulous
  2. Kylie Minogue, 54, reveals new sound after working on latest album for months | The Sun WWW.THESUN.CO.UK KYLIE Minogue is promising a new sound after working on her latest album for months.The singer, 54, said: “I’ve been making albums now for over 30
  3. their vibe is so similar. Especially on tracks like Speakerphone. i could imagine a lot of the tracks on X being Blackout Tracks
  4. this song though. so moody. also kylie slays the vocals. i love the indie pop vibe this song has. so edgy
  5. Princess of Pop in U.K is underrated worldwide, Golden album is such a masterpiece She's so pretty
  6. December 10, is a Kylie lovers dream, from DISCO (Extended mixes) to her voicing Susan the Bush pig in The Netflix animated film "Back in the outback", a role Kylie declared the role of a lifetime (it's her second animated film following 2006's The magic roundabout (Doogal for US Audiences where Kylie was the only original cast from the Australian production, to voice a character since she did several US films Bio Dome, Street fighter, So for Kylie to do an American accent, was a piece of cake). The clip they showed her where she talked about being in the ugly club was such a super exclusive clique, now they let anyone in, who's not really ugly looking like a platypus. Now as for the disco extended mixes, this was the original remix, during the studio 54 days, longer instrumental for dancing and additional vocals while maintaining the original composition, hence the additional title "DISCO-Extended Mixes", hear supernova, the intergalactic sister to Light years, a track Kylie herself recorded back in 2000. @Slayer @JayTawndre @Jordan Miller
  7. The way he describes Ed Sheeran as a pop legend, is actually disrespectful to someone like Kylie who's been in the Music market for close to 35 years (2022).. Though love the queen of pop introduction as she did win a British music public poll over....you guessed it Madonna. @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  8. With Ed Sheeran racking up his 29th UK top ten hit, OCC looks back at the artists with the Most top ten hits.. Top Male is the King of Rock N Roll and the best selling solo male artist of all time, The late Elvis Presley with over 70 uk top ten hits, compared to His 36 us Top ten hits that number is impressive.. Top female is none other than The queen of pop and the world's best selling female herself with 63 UK top tens, no other female racked up an impressive record like Madonna did with 40 consecutive top tens beginning back in 1984 to 1994.. Compared to her 38 US top tens, it would be extremely difficult to take Madonna's UK record from her.. Michael Jackson has 44 UK top tens. The top 5 respectively are #1 Elvis Presley (Top male, Top artist overall) #2 Cliff Richard #3 Madonna (Top female) #4 Michael Jackson #5 Kylie Minogue
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