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Found 6 results

  1. Ashlee was a part of my childhood and teenage years She literally was such a breath of fresh air in the Pop/Rock world. Loved her RAW vocals. Even 'that infamous SNL performance' remains iconic No but seriously, her music awakened my badass IDGAF attitude which my FAMILY did not like! Songs like "Outta My Head" and "Boyfriend" remain iconic and you will deal. Who else grew up with her music and loved it? No shade to one of my besties @MikeHuntI know he loves Jessica more, but I stan Ashlee and that's okay Do we need a Ashlee Simpson comeback, minus her husband? here's my fave songs!!!! What are YOURS? 🤗🤗🤗
  2. Flash back - the year is 2004. The pop/rock princess Avril is still rocking the charts BUT, much like Christina did to Britney, another chick wants to challenge the throne. But - this rockergirl has a weapon that Avril doesn't - A REALITY SHOW. Ashlee Simpson's reality show was an instant success. The show featured her recording her album and experiencing love with Ryan Cabrera, who also happened to date Avril about a decade later . Let Go peaked at # 2 on the U.S. album charts but went to # 1 in her home country of Canada and a few other countries. It has gone to sell 16 million worldwide. Autobiography peaked at # 1 in the U.S. but not in any other country. It has gone over to sell 5 million worldwide. Copy and Paste the tracklists below and then past them in your note to share why you chose which. It will go Track 1 vs Track 1, Track 2 vs Track 2 and so on Let Go Tracklist vs Autobiography Tracklist 1. Losing Grip 1. Autobiography 2. Complicated 2. Pieces of Me 3. Sk8r Boi 3. Shadow 4. I'm With You 4. Lala 5. Mobile 5. Love Makes The World Go Round 6. Unwanted 6. Better Off 7. Tomorrow 7. Love Me For Me 8. Anything But Ordinary 8. Surrender 9. Things I'll Never Say 9. Unreachable 10. My World 10. Nothing New 11. Nobody's Fool 11. Giving It All Away 12. Too Much To Ask 12. Undiscovered 13. Naked 13. Endless Summer (bonus track) Let's see which one wins for you!
  3. What up, Exhale I put my liked songs in Spotify on shuffle and one of the Ashlee songs came up (L.O.V.E., namely). Then, I went in a listening party. Many memories were brought and then I thought how much she is not appreciated. After the SNL lip syncing incident, her career suffered and she never truly recovered. However, her brief discography is quite enjoyable and she very well embodied what pop/rock was like. Autobiography (2004), her debut album gave her hits like the soaring ‘Pieces of Me’; the sassy ‘La La’, and her reality show opening song ‘Autobiography’ (baby just ask meee). And then, the deep cuts: ‘Love Me For Me’, punk vibes and husky vocals, ‘Better Off’, a carefree tune about being so happy with yourself and with your significant other. I Am Me (2005), her sophomore record, was seen as a decline by many. In my opinion, it is her best. The unapologetic lead single ‘Boyfriend’ had delicious guitar chords and is low-key a h03 anthem (lol). L.O.V.E. had all the elements to become a big hit, and it was even remixed by Missy Elliott, but it didn’t really break. As for the deep cuts, ‘Burning Up’ showed us a **** Ashlee, ‘In Another Life’ reminded us of the cute style of her first album but harnessed with edgy guitars, ‘Catch me When I Fall’, a piano ballad, performed live in SNL, and while she is not an A-list songstress, she can do decently live. Above all, this album gave us my favorite Ashlee song, ‘Coming Back For More’, a driven tune about, you know, it’s so good you can’t quit it. Finally, her last studio album, ‘Bittersweet World’, displayed a sonic evolution that should have made her big, but it didn’t. The lead single ‘Outta My Head’ was a legitimate earbug. ‘Little Miss Obsessive’, the second single, had its little debut in the Hot 100, but all promo was cancelled and the song didn’t get the success it deserved. As for other songs, ‘Rule Breaker’ and the funky ‘Boys’ were obvious single choices. She has put out music with her husband, but I haven’t really dived into it. What do you guys think? Should she really put effort on making a come back?
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