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Found 7 results

  1. Rolling Stone now naming names, here’s what they featured in the new article. Greenhill and her boss, Tri Star CEO Lou Taylor, are both fighting Rosengart’s quest to depose them on video — as well as his subpoenas demanding all documents and communications related to “electronic surveillance, cloning or monitoring of Britney’s phone,” anything related to Tri Star’s compensation from the estate and anything regarding Britney’s medical care, the singer’s claim she was coerced to work and the alleged bugging of Britney’s bedroom. Rosengart issued the subpoenas after Greenhill was specifically singled out in blockbuster statements made by former Spears security staffer Alex Vlasov in the New York Times documentary, Controlling Britney Spears. According to Vlasov, Greenhill was on a group chat with Britney’s dad Jamie Spears and Vlasov’s boss, Edan Yemini, head of Black Box security, that dissected “every step” Britney took during the depths of her court-ordered conservatorship. “Even in the sacred place, her home, every single request was monitored and recorded. Her intimate relations were closely managed,” Vlasov said. “You know, Britney could not have someone in the privacy of her house without those three people knowing.” Vlasov claimed that at one point, Yemini “had an audio recording device put into Britney’s bedroom.” He also said it was Greenhill who proposed setting up an iPad loaded with Britney’s iCloud account so it would “mirror” all her activity. The system purportedly allowed the trio to see all the singer’s messages, notes, call logs, browser history, and photographs. In a Nov. 4 sworn statement accompanying her motion to quash the subpoenas, Greenhill claimed “no one at Tri Star has ever suggested monitoring Ms. Spears’ electronic communications.” She also denied any knowledge of a “hidden electronic surveillance device placed in Ms. Spears’ bedroom” and suggested Rosengart’s request for records dating back 14 years was “grossly overbroad” because Tri Star wasn’t involved in Britney’s career or the creation of the conservatorship in early February 2008. “Tri Star played no part whatsoever in suggesting the establishment of the conservatorship,” Greenhill wrote. According to Rosengart and his co-counsel Kyle Freeny, Greenhill’s statements were false. In a July 1 sworn statement, Freeny told the court that Black Box Security had produced Word documents containing screenshots of Britney’s text messages that Yemini circulated via email to both Jamie and Greenhill without comment between 2016 and 2019. Rosengart claims Tri Star made more than $18 million from Britney’s estate during her conservatorship. He contends Tri Star’s unwillingness to answer his questions shows the company “has much to hide.” He has alleged Taylor improperly used estate funds to pay for expenses, such as an advertisement in The Hollywood Reporter and personal legal fees. Read More: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-spying-court-case-tri-star-robin-greenhill-1387040/
  2. Rolling Stone say that The one-time triple threat is turning into the king of ‘cringe’. Here is what Brittany Spanos wrote in this new article: At the turn of the century, Timberlake dominated every facet of pop culture. He was the de facto breakout star of dominating boy band *NSYNC and the boyfriend of pop princess Britney Spears. When both those parts of his life ended in uniquely dramatic fashions, he spun it into solo superstardom. Twenty years ago this fall, he made his mark with Justified. Four years after, Future***/LoveSounds would secure him enough industry good faith and clout for at least a decade more. …Over the last few years, however, things have changed drastically for for pop’s Bad-ish Boy-Next-Door. He took several long breaks between albums that eventually gained responses ranging from tepid to horrified (2018’s Man of the Woods, anyone?) and he hasn’t exactly taken over Hollywood. On top of some career missteps, public opinion on some of his actions as a budding star have been revisited, like the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction that cost Janet Jackson her career and the way he made Britney Spears a villain after their break-up. The blowback was so loud that Timberlake had to issue a public apology to both women, though both Jackson and Spears have denied harboring any ill will towards him. …All of this made it incredibly difficult for Timberlake — who like many of his early millennium peers was as known for his dancing as he was his singing — to survive the public embarrassment of messing up the Beat Ya Feet dance. In a viral video from his performance at Pharrell’s Something in the Water festival that could possibly loom over his career larger than anything else mentioned so far, the teen idol gives hardcore awkward dad energy for the first time in his music career. It’s as harrowing to the millennial psyche as it is unbearably cringe-y to the numerous TikTok creators who spent a week roasting how he turned the DC specialty into an Irish jig. Read More: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/justin-timberlake-tiktok-cringe-podcast-dont-let-this-flop-1374158/
  3. Paris is interviewed in a new article for Forbes. “Even before there was social media, I was an influencer before there was a name for it. I’m the O.G. and the creator of all this. I always had a plan and my plan was right. People were saying that I was just famous for being famous but now that’s literally a whole new genre of celebrity. Now you see people doing the exact same thing. So, I think it’s amazing that you’re able to build your fame off of just being yourself.” Read More Here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomward/2022/05/31/paris-hilton-used-to-be-the-queen-of-the-clubs-now-shes-the-queen-of-the-metaverse/?sh=41d448f75e10
  4. Jack reveals in the New Yorker that he and Lana del Rey have been working on new music recently together “And then we had this one weird live take where she [Lana] was singing along to a voice memo on her phone … and I was playing piano … and we just both went, ‘Yep, there it is—our one magic moment.’ https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/05/23/jack-antonoff-pop-music-collaboration-lorde-taylor-swift
  5. Experts say it's important that these high-profile women are finally taking back their narratives, because doing so can be a crucial step in healing from trauma.
  6. https://pagesix.com/2020/03/09/amanda-bynes-ordered-into-psychiatric-facility/ So why is Britney allowed to have a boyfriend and go on vacation with him? How is Britney's situation any different from Amanda's? We know Britney can be as impulsive and romantic... why aren't Sam and Brit engaged? Is Sam somehow trained to take care of Britney? Is he more of a nanny than a boyfriend? Does he really love her? Yes, this seems like rambling but keep in mind that Amanda Byne's is the only other famous conservatorship of a female celebrity we have around and with which we can draw comparisons. Look how Amanda is allowed to go to court and petition for stuff to be changed. Is Britney allowed to do that? I mean, Amanda Bynes seems more erratic than Britney, according to the media. Britney may dress or wear make-up you don't like, and surely there's more to the story than we know but she does seem stable. Why isn't Britney free? Thoughts?
  7. source: https://blindgossip.com/bigger-worries-than-a-wedding/#more-100169 Huh. So they're clearly hinting at Britney and Amanda and both their situations in a conservatorship. Sad how both of them are not in control of their own lives because of whatever they're going through mentally. Amanda Bynes is reportedly engaged so maybe that's why this site (which mind you, has been right with their "solved blinds" and exclusives all the time) felt the need to report on this and clear the air on Britney's situation... which is... kinda good? Last time we saw her she looked kinda off... but according to this blind item site, she's currently stable. Still this whole Amanda Bynes situation and her parents fear about her getting pregnant does make you wonder about Britney and her relationship. If Britney did end up getting pregnant... could her current boyfriend benefit from it? lol never mind, it's not like she got herself involved with a calculating money-seeking attention *****, right? Anyway! Currently stable! Yay. Thoughts?
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