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The Julia story aka the girl who cried Maddy

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Sorry this a long one but this whole story is a crazy…

But for this who don’t know, about a month or two ago, a girl named Julia from Poland went viral overnight after claiming she was missing child Madeleine McCann amassing over a million followers on the gram. Even though it was pretty obvious to many from the get go that Julia wasn’t Madeleine (she looks nothing like her). And it’s been confirmed that Julia is not Madeleine and is 100 percent Polish.


Before the results were revealed however, she caught the eye of LA ‘psychic medium’ Dr Fia Johansson who swooped in, flew to Poland and took her back to LA with her where she had arranged for her to go on Dr. Phil.

I had a bad feeling about Miss Fia the moment I started following this story. She seems like your typical opportunist (Lou Taylor) and I thought it was weird that Julia was suddenly silenced and Fia was doing all the talking for her (even shutting down her socials)  and her going on Dr Phil with her and basically just using her to get famous.

But she’s  getting rumbled from her fake instagram followers, her fake PHD, her photoshopped Forbes cover, fake PI license  and all the other lies she’s been telling. This chic is legit  bananas. And a classic narcissist… she basically isolated her from friends & family and shirt down her socials so no other journalists could contact her so she’s have full control over the narrative.

There were also reports that she had power of attorney over Julia and was holding her hostage, which Julia has confirmed. Fia basically threatened her and Julia had to call the police. Fortunately Julia has been allowed to return to Poland but only if she signed some sus docs for Fia (and she has no idea what she signed).

Now that Julia is back home she is finally able to speak out. And it’s concerning. Fia is basically threatening to tell people Julia is pe** and that she has photos to prove. If this was in fact true, Fia has a duty to go The authorities immediately and not use it as leverage.


Julia’s statement below:


It’s Julia Wandelt here. I have to say something about all this situation. 
When I met Fia for the first time I thought she wants to help me. Now I know she wants only new followers, new clients. 
Fia forced me to sign documents that I didnmt understand (English law language), not once. 
She took my passport and ID card, she didn’t allow me to go back to Poland. This was the reason that I called the police in USA. 
When police came out from her house she got crazy panic atack she jumped around the room and shouted at me, she is very unstable.
I wanted to go home because I missed my boyfriend and my cat, but the most important reason is that I started to notice that she wants to achieve something by using my situation. She didn’t allow me to go back home and I decided to talk with one journalist and I said to Fia that I will tell about everything what happened in her house and then she said that I can come to Poland. 

I have to say one thing, I really thought that Fia, known as a Persian Medium too, will help me. The truth is she never wanted to help me.

Fia wrote to me on instagram. I answered her and then all things with Fia starter.

Fia said bad things about all people who tried to help me, who were worried about me. Fia said that Joe (man from UK who said that he and his organization can help me with therapy), Diana (journalist from Portugal who made my first interview with me), Bekah and Bella (girls from probably UK who hated me or still hate) and my best friend Karolina..Fia said that they belong to pe** ring. When she said that my best friend is from pe** ring and tries to protect Peter Ney..it was to much for me. Fia forced me to block Karolina and said that she will sue every person that names I wrote earlier. 
Fia forced me to give her my password and login to instagram @iammadeleinemccan
And I have to say that I never said that I am Madeleine, I always said that I believe that I could be Madeleine. But I understand that I chose bad nick, I could use words ,,Am I” not ,,I am” so it’s my fault. I really sorry for this mistake.
Another thing that I want to say: Fia changed my number, took access to my main email and instagram that now doesn’t exist. Fia took my phone and now she tries to threaten me. She doesn’t want to give me my medical records and court judgment that she has in her house. I want you to know that I am in Poland, I am safe and it’s not over.

Fia forced me to tell on video how I feel after knowing results of DNA. The truth is that Fia didn’t want to show me results. 
We made ancestry DNA test, a few hours ago Fia sent me results but not from ancestry, she sent results from another platform. I found out what type of blood group I have. And it doesn’t match to my parents blood group. My family from mother said many times when I was younger that we have roots in Germany and Holland. So I don’t understand anything now. Fia said that I am polish with russian and lithiuan but family said that I am polish with german and holland so what is the real truth?
Fia also tries to make me scared now. She said that I am pe**. I am not. When she wrote me this I was like ,,Fia, are u crazy?” 
Also I will not have any brain surgery. I don’t know why Fia said that I will have. And I don’t understand why Fia said that I am coming to my dad. Dad always tried to help me but I love with my boyfriend. Why Fia lies? I don’t know.
But I want you to know that It’s not over because I still don’t know who I am and person who was officially investigator in Madeleine McCann’s case tries to help me now. 
I want to say that I understand all of you. even haters. Everybody has a right to have own opinion. You wanted to protect McCann family. That’s all.
I am not delusional and crazy.
You can judge all of this things again and try to create another new opinion.
I never wanted publicity.
I didn’t do all of this for attention or music career.
I don’t have any social media right now. I created this Facebook because I can’t stay at home and do nothing when someone wants to destroy me and make me scared. Fia, I am not scared of you because I didn’t do anything bad.
Fia is not a real investigator as I think. Police officers who came into her house when I was in Usa even didn’t recognize her. She said that she works with local police in her city too so why they didn’t know who she is? Weird.
I can write many things about lies that Fia said.
Fia shouted at me many times, I couldn’t go out she didn’t allow me. I couldn’t contact with anyone besides a few people. 
I couldn’t talk with nobody.
She forced me to sign some documents a day before flight to Poland. She took me to notary or lawyer and I had to sign all documents next to this person. I signed it in garage and I said to this notary or whoever it was that I don’t understand this paper Fia said that I have ti sign. I took pictures of this document and signature I wanted to be protected a little bit but someone deleted all of them so I don’t have any pictures of these documents now. When I asked Fia to send me my medical records and all documents that I had to sign she started to name me pe** etc. but I never hurt anybody. I am not bad person. I want to help others and I don’t know why Fia lies but I kniw she wants to achieve something.
I signed all this documents because I was scared that she will not allow me to go home. That she will not give me my id card and my passport..
I signed it but I didn’t understand what I sign. Fia forced me. I will answer for all of your questions if you have them and I need you really understand that media don’t say everything. Things that you see in articles it’s not all there. Fia is not this person that she said that she is.
Thank you fir your understanding and support. And I still try to know who I am and for the McCann family - I hope that if I am not Madeleine my case will help you to know where is your daughter. I will proof that Peter Ney is involved because he is. I believe in this so much. 
I will proof and I will never give up ❤️



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