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Songs that should have been singles and music video concept!

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1 hour ago, Antidote said:

I made this video years ago, it's very bad lol, first it was my first year as filmmaking studnt, it's so bad but  I had the idea because I loved the song


Bad? Real Housewives What GIF by PeacockTV
You’re very talented! This just reminds me what a missed opportunity it was not releasing Up N Down as a single! 

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36 minutes ago, PrinceRainMK3 said:



Thanks, was hoping someone would ask me to elaborate but I will anyway lol..

The video starts with Britney waking up in bed next to someone she doesn’t know. It next flashes back to the previous night where shes seen attending a glamorous, Hollywood elite costume party, where everyone is dressed in different masks/costumes (kinda Slumber Party vibes but I thought of it first lol) She meets a charming man wearing a clown mask and they instantly hit it off. Once the second verse kicks in, (“what’s your name man, can you kindly hand me all my things”), she grabs her things and goes to the bathroom, where she  sees herself disheveled and her clothes torn. She heads for the door but not before noticing the clown mask on the nightstand. As the bridge kicks in, she suddenly remembers everything. Turns out the guy roofied her drink and took advantage of her (that’s the dark part). There are scenes of her crying in the shower. As the song comes to a close, there’s a knock on someone’s door. The guy who roofied her opens the door and standing there is someone (Britney) in his clown mask holding a gun. The joke is on him as she shoots him dead on sight.

It would fit with the lyrics of the song (“can’t remember what I did last night, maybe I shouldn’t given in but I just couldn’t fight”) and also the clown mask goes with the whole “Circus” theme of the album. But like I said, pretty dark. (Sorry for the long read, if anybody actually reads it ha).

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