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Alien is That Girl! 🌹

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11 minutes ago, IsraeliMatt said:

I adore Alien! It's so clear why she wanted it to be a single. It came straight from her heart. 

For me it would be a dream if she would clean up at least a few of the songs on Britney Jean, especially this one. 

Definitely. This, Body Ache, Passenger and It Should Be Easy all could be re-recorded 🤌

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Timestamp 5.40, Britney explains the meaning of Alien, and Ryan Seacrest can’t believe she would feel like an alien :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNTJQAw0RlY

B: “I guess there’s a certain moment in all of our lives where we feel kind of alone, and you feel alienated from people sometimes. … It’s something that happens. It’s human nature. And that’s what the song is about.”

R: “Someone would think, well hold on, how could you feel that way? Everyone knows your name, wherever you go in the world. Did you feel that way?”

B: “I’ve felt that way before. Yeah. I’ve had days like that.”

R: “A couple.”

B: “Yeah. A Couple.” 

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6 hours ago, JayTawndre said:

Pretty Girls Dancing GIF by Britney Spears


"Alien" is Britney's most personal song she's ever written. It's raw and real and honestly so ******* beautiful, and relatable AF. 

I don't want to speak for all, but low-key I feel we all feel lonely at one point in time of our lives. And that lonliness is crazy 

Thank you Britney for writing such a vulnerable track. Honestly I feel this could be re-recorded with production from Andrew Watt and released as a single! 🤌🤌🤌

Enjoy this throwback. The demo version :bouncey:

Do you stan Alien too? 👀

One of my faves 

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