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Th war is on B-Army!!

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Yeap this was the final nail in the coffin. I have no sympathy for any of these people. I think we know Britney more than this so called family. What Kevin did today was straight up bullying and should not be allowed. They have to pay for this and if they try to ridicule Britney, well we're going to do it even harder to them. 

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Well, honestly,
they don't even seem like the biggest (or smartest) threats,
they are like the bad-*** appearing guys behind the 'real' bully and just smirks every time the bully says something.

I think for them, their biggest fear is not getting the attention.
So let's not give them any.
(I mean they didn't get 1/10 of the attention Jamie Lynn had... so let's keep it that way.)

Mr. Rosengart will take care of them.

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The war is indeed on!! Also I have to say that it makes me furious how I don’t see none of these “friends” that apparently have tried to reach her multiple times defending her. Not Felicia. Not Jansen. Not Rob. Not Courtney. None of them. They only come out of hiding when it is convenient to them.

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1 hour ago, SlayOut said:

Glad you didn’t delete your account, warrior! :roxxy:

Me too I dont know what the hell was wrong with me. Maybe the Britney drought had me delusional? 


 But ya seeing this sht OH HAM NO IM READY FOR FERDERLINE WAR!

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1 hour ago, Yasux34 said:

 We have stood and fought for Britney against anyone who tried to hurt her or use her name for their own selfish game!


 Its time to take Kevin and Victoria down and investigate them like we did others in the past , This isnt going to just fly as we watch and do nothing. TO ARMS!


How can we help tho?

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Wasn’t there photos that leaked of the boys smoking w**d or drunk while in Kevin and Victoria’s “sacred drama free” home? Would be a shame if CPS was notified of that?! I’m sure that would give reason to change the custody arrangement and implicate Kevin and Victoria’s parenting. Kevin already said he talked to the boys about drugs and s_x and preferred they do both in his home.  And of course they would rather live in a home where the dad let them do drugs and fuq, whenever they wanted while they held their mother to a Mother Theresa standard. 

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