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Just now, EasyThere said:

Prova vivente che tutto ciò di cui ha bisogno è un po 'di tempo per me, un buon viso e buoni capelli / trucco.

È un peccato quello che ha fatto a se stessa dopo il 2013.

I totally agree. Her make-up and hair are incredible, and above all she is so convinced of what she is doing.

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43 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

Living proof that all she neede is some me time,good facial and good hair/makeup.

It's such a shame what she did to herself post 2013.

Obviously if she had taken a hiatus after Circus-rather than being brought back far more medicated- then maybe this wouldn't have happened. (Obviously something to keep her in the spotlight like X Factor was purely done for cash and never considered her mental well-being)

The changes to her smile are just too noticeable.  But hey, it's arguably the price of fame just like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and others.

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