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Once the conservatorship is over .... my first hope is ...

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She’ll delete every photo on her Instagram like Taylor did during Reputation and Lindsey did .... 


I know it’s a long shot ... but I have this idea that even if she retires that she’ll do one big F you to the industry . And go dark ... I still believe that she is trying her best to play up to the public/teams perception of her ... like perhaps she is trying to show she can maintain the Britney brand without guidance . I don’t believe she is a young naive girl just posting watermelon and photoshopping images ... she has been through so much and is a savy business women. Call me naive but I think she has a plan .... or I hope. 

If i am wrong it’s just sad to think the girl every girl envied in the 2000s is this today ... I wonder how Jessica Simpson is doing ?


Any hopes for Britney 2020? When is the conservatorship next meeting?


also, what is an air and how do you go to other pages in this forum, trying to find info on how to use this new platform? 


Thanks ya’ll

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