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Thank God...

Guest riccus

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Guest riccus
Just now, I am Max. said:

That first picture is either photoshoped or taken with movement or something. She was never that fat. There were a LOT of photoshoped pictures from the FF 

You can google it it’s a youtube image:kyliecry:

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Guest riccus
5 minutes ago, I am Max. said:

You prove my point. She was moving and that why her body looks weird. But she wasn't that fat. 

Yeah in billboard picture they took a picture of a statue , so....

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2 minutes ago, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

2016ney dancing > FFTney dancing

2016ney body > FFTney

but I'm gonna be totally honest

FFTney face > 2016ney face

FFTney *** > 2016ney's tiny bum.

I think we all agree she looks better now, that's totally out of doubt. But the OP was trying to make FF look something she wasn't. 

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Guest riccus
9 hours ago, MM said:

are we seriously body shaming her? do you guys only care if she's skinny? 

no , we're talking about her being heathy . 

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