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The promise


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I didnt see this live, but I remember I was working at a grocery store at the time and when I saw this look/headline hit the shelves it was the same week or the week after the "Britney filed for divorce" headline and I truly thought the worst was behind us, finally. Little did we know at the time...

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OMG :kyliecry: Those days, I really thought she was coming back to be the old school Britney, I mean the entire world thought the same. Up to this moment she was still in time to go back to her family, take a private time for herself and go away from the Hollywood drama spotlight and then come back when she wanted. 

I am really trying to spot the breaking point and it was definitely the rehab stay. ******* Larry forced to get in when she obviously never needed it and then her rebel behavior started to upstage her good intentions to stay healthy and away from the drama. Nothing damaged her as much as the entire 2007. 

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