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B 10 could be great if she reinvented herself and got her a signature look for the beginning of the era that continues to change.

Seems like since Blackout we haven't seen Britney really change up her look from the expected blonde hair do and cookie cutter pop.

Glory musically was great although inspired by Selena Gomez, but it would draw more interest.

Britney use to change it up like Katy, Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and so many other females are doing for each album look.


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7 minutes ago, The Holy Spearit said:

Me too. Tbh she's in desperate need of a new look. She's had the same consistent hair style for the past 9 years. Yeah she gets hair cuts here and there but they only last like 3 days until she puts on pounds of extensions on. 

Honestly... because she needs to be like more adventurous. I'd love black hair back or a nice brown

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