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(POLL): What is Britney's greatest career achievement?

What is Britney's greatest career achievement?  

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Over 100 millions sold, not so many can say that. :donewithit:

Iconic stage performances, some don't even have 1, Britney has like 4 or 5. :lessons:

Iconic music videos, she is still such a great music reference in pop music. Just think about this: how many "pop princesses" have been there? :britoverit:

I guess those are the more meaningful to me but of course: 

-consecutive #1 albums

-youngest celebrity in having her star on the walk of fame (to date).

-being a pop icon at such a young age when most of music icons are over 40 or even 50, Britney was an icon at her mid 20's. 

- oh and queen of always coming back, I have lost the count of the times she has come back, when will Jesus?  :moorangu:

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