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Forbes: POM end date in sight!

Hugo Anício

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Over the years, Britney Spears has proven herself to be one of the most bankable musical stars on the planet. She can sell tons of album and has moved tens of millions of singles. Featuring her name or face on the packaging of a product, whether it's clothing, perfume or even mobile games, can makes it fly off shelves. She has also brought her golden touch to her Las Vegas residency, which has just become one of the most successful musical endeavors The Strip has ever witnessed.

In celebration of the milestone, Planet Hollywood recently just announced a dozen new shows that extend her residency into the fall of 2017. Fans that aren’t able to make it out to Las Vegas this spring (Spears currently has shows scheduled for March, April and May) can now buy tickets for performances in August and September.

With what seems like a final end date now in sight for “Piece Of Me,” it will be interesting to see what Spears decides to do next. Her latest album Glorywas only released back in August of 2016, though promotion of the record seems to have slowed. If she decides not to continue with her residency—nobody could blame the chanteuse if she wants to either take a break or do something different after four years—many of her fans will begin wondering if she’ll return to a more traditional touring schedule.


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