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It should have been a single.


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Baby One More Time : Maybe if there were to be a 6th single E-Mail my heart would be a pretty good choice. Gosh I love this song as a kid so much.
Oops i Did It Again : What you see is what you get
Britney : Cinderella. When I first bought the album. I listen to Cinderella and immediately love it. I waited and waited for it to be released as a single, cause I think Jive would be stupid                  not to release it as a single. Instead we have Boys and I Love rock N roll as a single. Its a disappointing choice and also a very terrible decision.
In The Zone : I got that boom boom. If only she didnt had that knee surgery. Sigh.
Blackout : Dont really like the album, but I love Radar. So glad it became a single later on in circus.
Circus : Out from under. Nice ballad, and again its a terrible decision not to release it as a single. At that age she should've showed some indications of willingness to sing more adult               contemporary songs.
Femme Fatalle : Inside out. 
Britney Jean : Hate the album. Alien would've been an ok hit I guess.
Glory : Hate the album too. But coupure electrique is pretty good.

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When Your Eyes Say It

What It’s Like to Be Me (with a video about what it’s like to be a woman/ female empowerment) 

Boom Boom (the best option for radio success at the time, but will also take BOM which would flop in America but would have a killer video)



Unusual You (I think everyone agrees on this one)

Up N’ Down (will also take DDB if we can remove the “vegetables” line) :orangu:

BJ as a whole shouldn’t have happened (other than WB)

and for Glory...well, there’s a lot: 

Love Me Down

Mood Ring

Just Luv Me 

Change Your Mind

and maybe even


& Better

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BOMT: The Beat Goes On

Oops!: Don't Go Knockin' On My Door

Britney: Cinderella

ITZ: Breathe On Me

Blackout: Ooh Ooh Baby

Circus: Unusual You

Femme Fatale: Inside Out

Britney Jean: Til It's Gone

Glory: Liar/If I'm Dancing/DYWC?/LMD/Man on the Moon

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On 8/15/2016 at 6:18 PM, Asakura Hao said:

BOMT: Deep In My Heart / I Will Be There

Oops!: What You See (Is What You Get) / Don't Go Knocking on My Door

Britney: Lonely / When I Found You

In the Zone: Outrageous (sort of), Breathe on Me, Touch of My Hand, The Hook Up, (I Got That) Boom Boom, **** it pretty much every song on this flawless masterpiece of an album could and should have been a single

Blackout: Freakshow

Circus: Unusual You

Femme Fatale: Scary / Up 'N Down

Britney Jean: Body Ache (I still think this song had a lot of potential but it needed to be extended / remixed) and Alien

I ALWAYS think how I got that boom boom wouldve been a killer single, Ying yang twins were so popular then and the song is fire. Would've been great.

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BOMT -  I Will Be There

Oops -What You See Is What You Get

Britney - Lonely 

In The Zone - Touch Of My Hand ( she wanted this as a single )

Blackout - Toy Soldier or Heaven on Eath

Circus- Kill The Lights

Femme Fatale - Big Fat Bass ( YUP the GP would have loved it ) Or He About To Loose Me

Britney Jean - Hold on Tigh

Glory - Change Your Mind

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BOMT:  I Will Be There

Oops:  When Your Eyes Say It

Britney:  Bombastic Love

ITZ:  The Hookup

Blackout:  Toy Soldier (BTI should have gotten a proper video)

Circus:  Inside Out

FF:  Up and Down

BJ: Tik Tik Boom or Now That I Found You

Glory:  Just Luv Me

Bonus:  I've Just Begun Having My Fun should have gotten the proper treatment

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BOMT: they did a good job on this one. I wish BTMYH would have been officially released in US. If I had to choose I'd say I Will Be There.

OIDIA: What U See (Is What U Get) or DGKOMD

Britney: Lonely

ITZ: Breathe One Me (there could have been a ton of singles- TOMH, I got that boom boom, Showdown, Shadow, The Hookup)

Blackout: Get Naked

Circus: Unusual You

Femme Fatale: Inside Out or He About To Lose Me

Britney Jean: Alien

Glory: BETTER!!! (there's lots that would have worked from Glory too: Change Your Mind, Man on The Moon, Do You Wanna Come Over, Liar, Just Luv Me)

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On 16/08/2016 at 8:10 AM, Alexio said:

Every era, same story. You listen to the new album, LOVE a song, HOPE it will become a single, get a proper MV...
Aaaand it doesn't happen. 

What are the 8 songs prom the previous eras that honestly DESERVED a single release/ MV??

For me...

BOMT: (singles of this era were all great choices tbh) 

Oops: What U See

Britney: Lonely

ITZ: Breathe on me

Blackout: Radar :orly:

Circus: Unusual You

FF: How I Roll

BJ: Passenger :crying4:  (am I the only fan of this song??)

Glory: guess we'll have to wait & see.... :smokney2:


PS: Don't know if a similar thread has been posted recently. I'm quite new here!

Radar is pop perfection and you all sisters have to accept :anxiety:

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2 minutes ago, goldenboi92 said:

BOMT: Thinking About You

OIDIA: What you see

Britney: Cinderella

ITZ: The Hook Up 

Blackout: Hot As Ice

Femme Fatale: Drop Dead or Up N Down (instead of criminal)

Britney Jean: Tik Tik Boom

Glory: Love Me Down (i love make me but this should have been the lead single)

oh and actually Do You Wanna Come Over could have been a huge hit too. 

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On 2016-08-15 at 6:10 PM, Alexio said:

Every era, same story. You listen to the new album, LOVE a song, HOPE it will become a single, get a proper MV...
Aaaand it doesn't happen. 

You poor sweet innocent soul. This is the Team B way. It’s been like this for a while. Get used to it :meltdown:

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