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  1. He looks like a manipulative liar. And he has a proven track record of doing so. Its especially easier to manipulate someone like Britney who obviously isnt mentally stable.
  2. You think I care? Havent been on this site for months. Just come here to have my "I told you so" moment. Plus Im only being logical. Jamie hasnt spoken to Britney for more than a year. Who has been forcing her to do Tweets? Jamie might not be the nicest person on the planet. But freeing Britney and letting Sam taking a whole of her would be way3 worse. I guarantee you that.
  3. Hello everybody. Remember a few months ago when I said Sam was the real devil and everybody attacked me like crazy. Many of u even said Sam was her knight in shining armor. So shocking to hear many of u doubting him now. Here is my bet, Sam wants to marry Britney without a prenupt. Dad says no, but Britney strongly fought her dad. So he sends her to a mental facility with the hopes that therapy mind change her mind and might make her be able to think rational again. Sadly it only makes her more rebellious. Dad is doing everything he could to get Sam out of the picture. Unfortunately he did a mistake and let his temper got the best of him causing Britney to have reduced visitation with her kids. Britney doesnt trust dad anymore, she trusts the devil instead. Britney hasnt spoken to dad since the whole scuffle with Sean. So who was been forcing her to do tweets that she doesnt want to? Its Sam, its not Jamie. The real devil here is Sam, not Jamie. The conservatorship is needed. Anybody who thinks she is mentally well are delusional. Just look at her tweets these days, she looks like she is sick. Britney was the happiest from 09-19 during her dad conservatorship. Then came Sam everything changes. You guys better be careful with what u wish for. Ending the C-ship is going to cost Britney her life.
  4. She went from 100 million dollars net worth to just 46 million dollars within just 2-3 years. Give her a few more years, who knows what will happened to her money. Shes definitely heading towards MJ financial mess at that time.
  5. Such as? What alternative? And u also have absolutely ZERO proof that she is mentally stable. So why are u pushing so hard to end it when u urself doesnt hv the proof. All im saying is, everything has been going good. Then Sam canme along comolete 180. Something is really wrong there
  6. Im not pro Jamie. I just think he is good for Britney. Are u all forgetting who saved Britney from getting bankrupt by Sam Lutfi back in 2008? This time its another Sam taking over Britney. Dont believe what the media says and all this #FreeBritney propaganda.
  7. Christina Ricci was a big actress back in the day. But she was self cutting herself back then. On the surface she looks fine. On the inside shes not. Same as Britney. MJ was obviously mentally sick too before he died. The situation that MJ had was exactly the same as Britney breakdown era. Dad came and save her. MJ should hv had a C-Ship to before he died.
  8. Like I said. We all have our burst out moments. We all made mistakes. I aint seeing any bruise on her kids. Doesnt sounds like it was excessively violent. A lot of people got some spankings from their parents/grandparents now and then. It wasnt a big deal to me.
  9. If her evaluation was good. Why didnt the judge released her from the C-Ship? And why is she acting all crazy and unkept on instagram?
  10. Im calling u someone who doesny want to ******* admit u dont hv facts to counter me. If you want to argue with me. Use facts rather than personal attacks. We all have differences of opinion. We live in a free country. Deal with it.
  11. I have a friend who takes a knife and make his hands bleeds. He do it a lot of time when he is under pressure. He works as an accountant and work 50-60 hours per week. On the surface he looks normal, but he is not stable. That is a completely nobody like him where nobody will take advantage of him. Unlike Britney where there are so many evil people getting ready to take her down and steal all her money.
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