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  1. What Britney said and thinks about this 23 years later: At the 2000 VMAs, I sang the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and then “Oops!… I Did It Again” while going from a suit and hat to a glittery bikini top and tight pants, my long hair down. Wade Robson choreographed it—he always knew how to make me look strong and feminine at the same time. During the dance breaks in the cage, I did poses that made me look girly in the middle of an aggressive performance. Later, MTV sat me down in front of a monitor and made me watch strangers in Times Square give their opinions of my performance. Some of them said I did a good job, but an awful lot of them seemed to be focused on my having worn a skimpy outfit. They said that I was dressing “too ****,” and thereby setting a bad example for kids. The cameras were trained on me, waiting to see how I would react to this criticism, if I would take it well or if I would cry. Did I do something wrong? I wondered. I’d just danced my heart out on the awards show. I never said I was a role model. All I wanted to do was sing and dance. The MTV show host kept pushing. What did I think of the commenters telling me I was corrupting America’s youth? Finally, I said, “Some of them were very sweet… But I’m not the children’s parents. I just gotta be me. I know there are going to be people out there—I know not everyone’s gonna like me.” It shook me up. And it was my first real taste of a backlash that would last years. It felt like every time I turned on an entertainment show, yet another person was taking shots at me, saying I wasn’t “authentic.” I was never quite sure what all these critics thought I was supposed to be doing—a Bob Dylan impression? I was a teenage girl from the South. I signed my name with a heart. I liked looking cute. Why did everyone treat me, even when I was a teenager, like I was dangerous?
  2. The song was recorded for her sixth studio album, Younger Now. It was composed by herself together with Oren Yoel, and produced by the latter. The track was made available on May 11, 2017. Streams Spotify - 800 mi YouTube - 535 mi Charts US #10 Australia #3 Canada #4 Ireland #7 New Zeland #4 UK #11 Certificates US - 2X platinum (2,000,000) Australia - 6X platinum (420,000) Brazil - Diamond (250,000) Canada - 3X platinum (240,000) UK - Platinum (600,000) Did you dig this song/video when it came out? source: Malibu, de Miley Cyrus, completa 7 anos BCHARTS.COM.BR Malibu é uma canção da artista, cantora, compositora, atriz, modelo e filantropa Miley Cyrus, gravada para o seu ***to álbum de estúdio, Younger Now. Foi composta pela própria em conjunto com Oren Yoel, sendo...
  3. She knew that album was the best of her career and that it allowed her to reach the realm of the greatest pop icons like Janet and Madonna at only 26 years old.
  4. The star power was so strong at 11-12. Her performance and dancing skills were exceptional. Not only was she keeping up with the older kids, she was stealing the spotlight. Also, you have to admit the Justney moments were adorable.
  5. So many vocalists are on Britney songs. Sometimes uncredited. It’s honestly more rewarding picking through vocals then trying to find pitch demos. Latrelle was on Boys this whole time and the album Booklet says all vocals are performed by Britney for example 😅 Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Backing Vocals) Britney Spears - Gasoline (Writer’s Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Bonnie McKee - Seal It With A Kiss (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Don Philip - From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) Latrelle - Boys (Backing Vocals) [Britney Vocals] Britney Spears - The Other Side (Writer’s Vocals) [BOMT Vocals] Britney Spears - Shadow (Writer’s Vocals) [In The Zone Vocals] Britney Spears - Deep In My Heart (Backing Vocals) [BOMT Vocals] Kasia Livingston - Unusual You (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (Writer’s Vocals) [Femme Fatale Vocals] Britney Spears - Rock Me In (Writer’s Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Max Martin - If U Seek Amy (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Rosette - Til It’s Gone (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Britney Jean Vocals] Kara DioGuardi - 911 (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Blackout Vocals] Bonnie McKee & Katy Perry - Ooh La La (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Britney Jean] Candice Nelson - Phonography (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Imogen Heap - Over To You Now (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [In The Zone Vocals] Kesha & Debi - Lace And Leather (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) Kara & Jenny - Brave New Girl (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [In The Zone Vocals] Chyna Royal - (I Got That) Boom Boom (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [In The Zone Vocals] Windy Wagner - Shattered Glass (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Claude Kelly & Cathy Dennis - Circus (Britney Spears’ Writer’s Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Myah Marie - Circus (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) [Circus Vocals] Kinnda - If U Seek Amy (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) [Circus Backing Vocals] Mickey Shiloh - He About To Lose Me (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) [Femme Fatale Vocals] Ina Wroldsen - He About To Lose Me (Britney Spears Writer's Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Ester, Myah, Bonnie & Crystal - (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [FF Vocals] Kasia Livingston & Myah Marie - Scary (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Heather Bright & Myah Marie - Trouble For Me (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Femme Fatale Vocals] Phoebe Ryan - Man On The Moon (Britney Spears Writer Vocals) [Glory] HARLOE - Love Me Down (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Glory] Bonnie McKee & Coco Morier - How I Roll (Britney Spears Writer’s Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Bonnie McKee - Up N' Down (Britney Spears Background Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Jeanette Olsson - Selfish (Britney Spears Backing Vocals) [Femme Fatale] Mickey Shiloh - Don't Keep Me Waiting (Britney Spears Writer's Vocals) [Femme Fatale]
  6. Special thanks to @UnderHisSpell for creating AIney vocals for me from acapella, and to @Britney Xposed for improving tempo and rough cut of these vocals
  7. A new deliver from this awesome user. Now it's the turn of Rock me In. This slays.
  8. I ask myself this question very often. I know Glory is by far the project Britney had the most creative control over during the conservatorship but I often wonder how that era would have looked if she was really free. IMO I think she would have gotten to experience with her music even more than she actually did. And what about the overall concept for the album? I think it’s pretty clear Britney had a different vision for it from the start. The original Make Me video featured her almost naked in a cage, the original photoshoot featured her chained to her own house and near crashed cars… I hope she speaks on what it was originally intended to be in The Woman In Me Vol. 2 (if it even exists ). I know people speculate that she actually didn’t like the original video for Make Me and the photoshoot but idk. I don’t think team con was the one behind that concept and she was the one to reject it. Definitely the other way around. anyways - leave your own thoughts here!
  9. She's looking great and I really dig the song! Bring on the new era 😎
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