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Found 8 results

  1. @Slayer The way Chilli reacted, and when T said she sold the song to a girl group who won X factor, she stopped saying I don't wanna hear it..
  2. This fan made very detailed documentary discusses what led to the disappointing sales of 3D, which at the time was supposed to be the final TLC album due to Lisa's death 6 and a half months earlier. FanMail starts out strong dethroning Britney debut album and had that massive hit No Scrubs (2021 We call scrubs funk boys. But replace the with the C, most hate it cos it's a way more vulgar way of being called a scrub). The infamous trl incident was really murky, no lisa. Lots of buzz are they gonna break up. At this point Lisa was over it, her ideas wasn't being considered including two songs that would be huge TLC hits where my girls at, which was a huge hit for 702, and heartbreak anthem, which became massive hit for whitney Houston. The trl incident if lisa would have gone would have ended up bad and probably destroy any legacy for TLC. Like Tionne said the 1994 incident where Lisa burned her ex boyfriend's house was still making them lose sponsorship deals and only one concert promoter would work with them, left eye was constantly reminded by the girls and their manager that most of their sponsor deals and financial crisis cos of what she did, due to being an alcoholic and a domestic violence act on a man.. So you can tense Lisa being berated over something she regrets was getting to her.. T Boz took it further inciting violence and a possible replacement, Lisa only support system was her family and boyfriend. So lisa was alone, but t said you go on trl, good we'll give them a show, we will beat you up, that's the show.. So she was told to stay at the hotel, which she did cos I think she knew T and chili was serious.. So TLC was pretty much at the duo. In my opinion. TLC should have never reunited. Now knowing the truth that they planned on beating up and replacing Lisa on live TV. Lisa was already focused on her solo career and refused to work with Dallas Austin. I had no idea behind the scenes it was a gang up on Lisa. Enjoy the 90 minute doc @Rik
  3. If you're hoping to see the Best selling American Girl group and the highest selling R&B/Hip hop Group TLC on tour soon, well you're looking at 2026. T-Boz, who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, a rare disease only found in the African American community, says until the world is safe from Covid l-19 aka Cooties as she calls It. TLC will not be touring until the ****ing pandemic is over and gone..
  4. In 1999, TLC made an impactful statement that Entertainment weekly even noticed Before Born this way and Lady Gaga, 12 years prior TLC gave us Unpretty, and perhaps a more authentic message and impactful video. Using 3 actual real life scenarios that the girls went thru, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins being bullied by white peers for being Black, actually showed even then it was still an issue, but was barely noticed. The Late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes story line of the dangers of your own street gang can actually double cross you and still cause serious danger. Chilli perhaps had the most powerful statement, of what can happen under the influence of a bad boyfriend. The non TLC visual is all to realistic as well, comparing yourself to skinny models, and basically purge eating to be that Hollywood definition of size 0, which still in 2014 is a major issue. But, a 50 year standard will never change unless someone stands up. For the user to avoid copyright since Sony took out T-Boz's and Lisa's storylines, he used the re recording TLC did for a Japan only album called 20, which was also used in their biopic, which was controversial cos Perri "Pebbles" Reid, their original manager didn't like how she was portrayed, but we all know, that really went down that way with her. So, enjoy the version of Unpretty that we all saw on MTV back in the day.
  5. April 25 is the day, I would like to forget, it's special for T Boz as it's her 51st Birthday, an age she was told she wouldn't see cos she's supposed to be dead due to her Sickle cell anemia, doctors told her she would never see 30 or have children she did both. Love ya, T. It's also bittersweet as her sister in TLC died in Honduras. Left eye at the age of 30, died. I reccomend watching the last days of left eye, you will see a girl at her happiest, but also very aware as she studies numerology, and kinda saw what happened to her, but trigger warning, you see for a few seconds the accident that led to her untimely death, that scarred me I wasn't prepared for that scene. So In honor, I'm gonna share the five times she kept it real when it came to TLC and the music, and the iconic "This is how you can sell ten million records and still be broke, everybody grab a pen and paper, and get ready to do your math" #5 she was against creep and cheating in general. She said why do the same, if he's cheating the best thing to do is leave him. For her rap in remixes of creep, she basically warns, about being baby mamas, incest in the south and better pray you don't catch HIV (which was prevalent at the time and at its peak in the 90s). So she turned a negative into a positive. #4 a back handed compliment towards diggin on you. She liked the melody and the groove, but left eye being the only member that actually had writing credits throughout their catalog as the rapper, she slammed the lyrics, saying typical Babyface song, cutesy 4th of july summer love, but lyrical content needs lyrical substance, this ain't it. #3 Performing fan favorite kick your game with her sister Reigndrop. Kick your game is TLC waiting for a guy to initiate the invitation to Hook up, but Lisa's raps in the form of the suiter, as she narrates the conversation from his side. Miss left eye, then goes to your Lisa lopes, since she rapped it as a conversation between the two with her being the guy and herself, it was only suited for the only time they performed it live due to the unusual style of the rap, she performed it with her younger sister dressed just like Lisa. It's really cool to watch these two on a stage. Kicking it. #2 when she out rapped and out staged lil Kim on her own track. To out rap and outperformed every female on the only all female rap collaboration to exist, is not only slay, but like everybody said, she was one of a kind and outshines all. #1 Lisa breaks it down. TLC sold 10 MMillion records and ended up broke, all that recording studio time, video productions, they loan you that money, as she says they take what they loaned out first, followed by 50% tax bracket, left TLC with 300,000 each, and as she ironically said, buy a new car, but what am I gonna pay my Bill's with. Rest in peace Lisa.
  6. In, 1999 the long awaited return of the best selling American girl group of all time TLC returned. FanMail, which holds the first distinction of being an entire studio album dedicated solely to the fans, even the CD had a poster of the girls, with all the names of the fans that sent them mail and stayed loyal during their hiatus caused by the bankruptcy of the group. Three tracks specifically provide a cautionary tale of how basic human interaction, has been literally replaced by digital reaction and like the video says, a college study found generation Z is the most depressed and loneliest generation cos of this. FanMail talks about a girl who sends emails to her lover, but while it seems great and fun, she in the end always feels lonely and doesn't know why she's doing an e mail relationship, much like today's dating is mostly long distance and voids of empty promises.. The Vic-e Interpretation interlude, provides a narrative that we buy material things like Prada bags, diamond rolaxes and Versace outfits, to pick us up and makes us feel special, like the video states, log onto Instagram and that's basically what you see. Material things to pick US up for false happiness. The third and final interlude Communication states the digital world of today. Communication is the key to life Communication is the key to love. Communication is the key to us. There's over a thousand ways to communicate in our world to communicate. And it's a shame That we all don't communicate So if you also feel the need for us to come together, will you communicate with me? Man, its scary but then again watching the last days of left-eye, I'm not surprised she was a future forward thinker, so she probably saw this coming.
  7. Never thought I would say this, but with Justin Timberlake, being seen as the victim. it just proves His story by TLC is still relevant, 29 years later. This is a story of a male to female threat to society, why you wanna go and telling on me. His story, over mine His story, will be his story and you know, my story is a waste of time... You're gonna believe.... His story Even the verse hits hard. Girl's have an image to, but when they get mad at you. There's no telling what they say to hurt you. And Lisa's ending about no matter what we do, they'll all above his story.
  8. TLC is one of the highest selling girl groups of all time. They served us classic songs and had great live performances. Each member was distinct in their own way yet worked so well together. They are legends imo but I feel like they are somewhat underrated/ forgotten nowadays in comparison to other legends, which is a shame. Are you a TLC fan? What are your fave songs from them?
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