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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Britney, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! It must be thrilling what is happening right now and makes me feel more comfortable you acknowledging the support of fans and welcoming it! Things WILL be better moving forward! I'm sure many of us are worried about the transition back to (real) LIFE , the one they took away from you. However I have complete faith in you .... I, we always did and will do . What made all of this possible is the love you have -and you so openly share with us which we cant but give it back- , your passion , brains and optimism ! They may have succeeded in stealing some of that confidence by constantly oppressing you but NEVER that heart of GOLD! NEVER! Confidence........its not confidence.. it's PASSION. And passion makes you great! A great mother , lover, artist. Do whatever you need to do and feels right for you B! Whether that's leaving all of this behind for good or coming back for blood and snatch wigs left and right. We will always be here for you NO MATTER WHAT. There's so much more than the Britney Spears Brand in you , we are all very well aware of this, so much worth of our protection! Block those fu**ers out of your life, take what they STOLE and leave them back, in history. As for Sam and his support , I am super grateful he seems to genuinely support you in any ways he can. Live it to the fullest! I will quote Madonna "There are many men worth backing, not because they're men but because they are worthy. So much love!!!! XOXOXOX!!! PS It would be so nice to hear everything from you one day be some means ! Heal and rest!
  2. SHe needs to travel abroad , for several months!!! and enjoy life <3 <3 what do you think ?
  3. Hello! I found this amazing mashup of Selena covering BOMT and Britney's version and sounds amazing. Hope we get an actual collab in the future because i LOVE them , rather in SG4 or in B10 after she is free or in both on a bad ***** bop. And if that collab never happens hope her version of whiplash leaks and someone does a mashup at least :D Hope you guys like it too!
  4. Guys this post of Lawyers for Britney got me thinking : Why Britney has never sent a request to terminate conservatorship? It is one of the reaming rights she has. I know till 2012 she was sending medical documents to fight conservatorship but never a termination request. How you guys think why? And based on this post I think we have a long way ahead to free Britney. For this girl it took 2 years. First she got to limited conservatorship from Probate and then the whole conservatorship was lifted.
  5. Guys Free Britney is really getting bigger and bigger! Account with almost 5 M followers posted about our movement and see how great comments are!
  6. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/conservatorship-and-civil-liberties-britney-spears https://chng.it/5tmhxwV9XH https://chng.it/rdfNZ479fw
  7. Guys I discovered that Lynn's Instagram account is no longer deleted, it is active now! https://instagram.com/lynnespears_rf?igshid=1n9lsv6qgxbyx
  8. Guys! Lawyers of Britney just posted on their Instagram interesting news! Conservatorship team settled with Sam Lufti for 25 000 dollars! They paid him off! Shocking!
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