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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. I'm using this (and a couple of other) platforms to reach out to people and shed some light on the current situation our world is facing in the present. You're obviously all aware of the epidemic that we're all going through together. However, did you know that unlike most European, North American countries, and Australia and New Zealand, other countries are facing humanitarian crisis as we've never seen before in written history. A lot of countries are suffering from the lack of medical supplies, as well as hygienic products which is making their recovery from COVID-19 much, MUCH slower, if not putting it to a halt. Probably the country that's having it the worst is Yemen. Yemen is currently facing a hunger crisis so severe that 80% of its population is currently STARVING. I'm posting some of the photos below. *VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED* Why is this happening? Well, Yemen is currently having a couple of civil conflicts which closed nearly all of its ports. This country imports 90% of its food and now they barely have any. Unfortunately, COVID-19 reached them as well, and now we are witnessing a literal erasure of a whole nation in front of our noses. For some reason, media is not shedding enough light on the suffering of these people who desperately need help from fellow humans. BUT WE CAN HELP On my free time, I work a lot with United Nations (as a part of their marketing campaign, I do this completely for free) trying to raise awareness on topics like these. UN has developed an applications called "Share the Meal." The point of it is to donate food to those who need it most at this point. The application will immediately tell you which countries are suffering from food shortage and ask whether you wish to donate. The best thing about it is, IT'S EXTREMELY CHEAP. For only 2.80 USD/EUR per month, you can feed a person for seven days straight. And for only 40 cents, you can donate one meal, which is worth more than gold to those who are dying from hunger. 20 EUR/USD, for those who can afford, means donating 50 meals to those in need. I absolutely understand we're all going through difficulties and troubles during these very turbulent times, but I firmly believe it is our civil duty to be compassionate and help those who need us the most. It is one time where we can actually make a difference and help the way we would want others to help us if the tables were turned. Additionally, the UN will show you the photo of the person you helped in particular just to prove how much your donation means. Yemen is currently not listed in the application as the UN was forced to stop food supplying due to all the conflicts, but very soon, the situation will be resolved and Yemen will be back on the list. In the meantime, you can help feed the starving children in all the countries hit by food and COVID-19 crisis. I am sorry for this very long article, I am just hoping that there are a lot of good people in this world who are willing to help. Even if one person from this website decides to donate as little as 40 cents, I will consider it a success. Thank you very much, and may God, or whichever Deity you put your faith in, bless you
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