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Watch Mel B interview The Artist Formerly known as Prince (what he was known at that Time, due to a battle with his record label)

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During the sold out Spice Girls North American tour. Mel B went to Paisley park to interview the Artist (prince at this time due to contractual obligations with Warner records, went by an unpronounceable symbol) or Spud in this interview. 


The interview is funny. Spud is very flirty, and a lot of ****** tension from Both parties even though Mel B was married and pregnant, she couldn't resist His charm. 


It's widely known this is the only men that could wear make up and heels and still leave the party with your girlfriend or wife, and you couldn't do a damn thing about it. 


They talked about covering songs. 


Which the artist said, he didn't mind it (TLC and Mariah Carey got his blessings, However when Maroon 5 covered kiss, he wasn't a fan) even Glee covering kiss was a major no no to him.


How the upcoming Album was his last album to feature a band, he wanted to go Solo for a While. That would last for 15 years when Prince formed Thirdeyegirl as his backing band. 


They talked about the music industry and why he feels it's more important to own your master's then be a slave to your record label or Major labels at that time. 


Like he even asked Mel B


"Would you rather be the master of your own work, or a slave Working for nothing but a contract that pays you up front?".


That really got her thinking that he's actually onto something. 


All major labels own us under these contracts, however if we owned our music, then we control the situation. 


It's really fascinating to hear the way he feels about the Music industry. 

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