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Found 15 results

  1. Prince just basically said If Mariah's terms of her then recording contract gave her only 30 Million for selling 3 Million albums per album, she was screwed as the major record label she signed with, kept 70 Million themselves, basically revealing the labels lie to acts, thinking you will get the bigger deal, but they think you can't do math, and only want fame, so they rob you blind and keep a bigger portion then you realize that you could have gotten a better percentage rate in sales of the albums.
  2. If there's one thing we hope others estate do, is follow princes lead and feed your fans their legacy. So Prince released a free studio album, called 2010, but he also recorded a project titled welcome 2 America. He toured for the unreleased project, but according to his band members he did it before with his legendary Black Album, an album he pulled cos he deemed it evil, and he offered Lovezexy instead, which his manager stated he pulled one album for the right reason, but released a counter album for the wrong reasons. In 2010, prince who is considered an early internet pioneer and even saw in 2000, that selling music directly to the fans via the internet was the best forward move, for 75.00 a year to subscribe to the NPG music club you got a bunch of Music, before the public got it, or didn't get it at all, exclusive. Well all that changed when in 2010, he denounced it saying all these numbers, computers aren't good for you at all. The title track Welcome 2 America seems to be addressing his concerns we are relying too much on technology, and not our actual own strengths. @jordeezy said that was the issue here with his generation. Prince actually agreed in 2010, stating it's probably too late to back out now. Iconic promo happened, on the view he was asked about justin bieber and lady gaga. He wasn't a fan of both. He said shakily, different strokes for different folks. Then Joy asked what does he mean by that. "Well the thing I do is make music". He was also not a fan of Kim Kardashian as we know he removed them from his episode on new girl, and the infamous get off my stage moment at one of his concerts. I wonder if the estate is going to include that footage from the forum show that's going to be included on blu Ray in the deluxe package. Anyway album is out July 30.
  3. Tennessee was a huge hit in 1992, for pioneer hip hop band Arrested Development, yes the band sued The Creators of the TV show of the same name and won, name stayed, but Ron Howard had to pay a license to use the TV show name from the band, as the band bought the copyright back in 1993 to Arrested Development... Prince, However charged the band 100,000 for using one word from his 1988 Hit Alphabet, St from 1988's Lovesexy, Speech Said prince did him a favor, by just charging them, cos if he did take them to Court and If he won, the single and track would have been deleted and shelved. So by charging the band, not only did he do them a favor, but a valuable lesson.
  4. Casey rains a huge Prince fan who does the channel The Violet Realty, Said he grew up in the 90s and 00s hip hop era, He was excited for 8 Mile, but one review stuck out to him and still stands out to him. To this generation it might be the film that defines them but for some of Us. We already had an 8 Mile, for our generation That's none other than 1984's Purple Rain, which Casey says Rock and Roll movie's are nothing new But Purple Rain flipped it upside down and Reinvented the entire film. It's definitely left a legacy in minnesota especially the Music scene and put the first avenue night club just as iconic as Several new York Music themed club's from that era. I watched both film's more of a fan of purple Rain. But I never connected just how similar both premises are actually very similar.
  5. Being Born in 1984. I'm a pre digital baby. And listening to The new Super Deluxe reissue of Prince's 1987 Double album Sign O' The Times. My Mom raised me on The greatest R&B music of her day. Prince, Michael Jackson (Several memories of playfully fighting Thriller or Bad being played on the record player) of course the cute 4 year old won. Bad. It dawned on me some of my favorite artists came from just being introduced to them at such a young age. Plus you want that musical connection to your favorite parent. I don't know my father, Trying to ask my mom is like bringing a bad subject to her. So like she said. Your my kid, who cares about the other half. Just embrace this side. But listening to the old school R&B Records makes me smile. Cos all over my timeline is How did we get to WAP, and how do we shelter our kids from music like this. So what music acts do you Stan from your parents playing them as a kid. Cos most of my lamb friends born between 97-00 is a lamb cos of their family whether older siblings or their mom. I did notice most gay kids rarely talk about their father.
  6. During the sold out Spice Girls North American tour. Mel B went to Paisley park to interview the Artist (prince at this time due to contractual obligations with Warner records, went by an unpronounceable symbol) or Spud in this interview. The interview is funny. Spud is very flirty, and a lot of ****** tension from Both parties even though Mel B was married and pregnant, she couldn't resist His charm. It's widely known this is the only men that could wear make up and heels and still leave the party with your girlfriend or wife, and you couldn't do a damn thing about it. They talked about covering songs. Which the artist said, he didn't mind it (TLC and Mariah Carey got his blessings, However when Maroon 5 covered kiss, he wasn't a fan) even Glee covering kiss was a major no no to him. How the upcoming Album was his last album to feature a band, he wanted to go Solo for a While. That would last for 15 years when Prince formed Thirdeyegirl as his backing band. They talked about the music industry and why he feels it's more important to own your master's then be a slave to your record label or Major labels at that time. Like he even asked Mel B "Would you rather be the master of your own work, or a slave Working for nothing but a contract that pays you up front?". That really got her thinking that he's actually onto something. All major labels own us under these contracts, however if we owned our music, then we control the situation. It's really fascinating to hear the way he feels about the Music industry.
  7. Between The Expansive Ace of Base 11 CD super deluxe UK box set, To Mariah Carey issuing nothing but nostalgia to celebrate her 30 years in the music industry. Now The artist Prince who fought the music industry to control his music. Has issued an Expanded reissue.. 63 previously unreleased recording's from the nearly two year sessions. Plus the Unreleased music from Camille, Crystal Ball and the project with Wendy & Lisa Dream Factory, plus Prince live in Utrecht. Beginning in 1986 His success in the US began waning, But Prince actually became bigger in Europe at this time. Would last Until his death. Along with the original Album and 13 Remixes, Radio Edits and B Sides. Brings the expansive 92 set known as the Super Deluxe edition. This is the ultimate artist. Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed all the music himself. Listening to the podcast, His audio engineer and ex Fiancee said He played the drums, Then guitars, The horns and keyboards and the orchestra himself. He wanted to make everybody knows, There's artists and then there's Prince, a musical prodigy, a one man band in the studio. Never needed outside help. Some might call it arrogant, But nobody does that. Not then, and definitely not today.
  8. While 1984's Purple rain remains his most successful Album to date. His 9th Studio album 1987's Sign O' The Times remains his most critically acclaimed album to date and his only Album to receive an album of the year Grammy nod (Despite not winning, Two years after his untimely death. The Album was inducted into the Grammy hall of fame, The rock and Roll Hall of fame and The national registry for being cultural importance (meaning it will be preserved forever, and can't be deleted if have it's copyright removed as it's presevered in a Washington d.c. federal library archives) All the reviews are praising the super deluxe saying the 92 songs set clocking over 8 hours of music actually made it even better. 4 Versions of this album will be physically issued only one digital purchase/Streaming version Physical Standard 2 CD original Album remastered also available in a 2 LP peach colored limited edition Vinyl. Deluxe 3 CD Set/4 LP set The original Album remastered in 180G Black Vinyl (or 2 CDS) and 2 additional LPS or a 3rd CD containing the promo Mixes, Edits and B Sides all remastered. Super deluxe edition The Super Deluxe edition is the gem here A 120 page hard cover book with liner notes written by Fans Like Dave Chappelle, Andrea Swenson (she's also the main host of The Official Prince Estate Podcast as she works with The Minnesota arts department where Prince is regarded as a legend there. He never even moved as most do. He remained a true Minnesotan til his death. Never before seem photos and hand written lyrics by Prince himself. The 8CD/DVD version is priced at 159.99 on amazon.com. The 13LP/DVD set is priced close to 300.00. Both are a strictly one print limited edition set. The Super Deluxe is the only version being released to digital and streaming platforms. The Digital price is set at 79.99 as an mp3 Album. But the dvd which is a live at Paisley park concert that's previously unreleased is only available on the physical format Disc 1 The first Sign O'The times album 9 songs Digitally remastered Disc 2 the second half of the Album 7 songs. Due to going over 80 Minutes. The Album had to be divided into two CDs. However the cassette release stated it contained the double Album on both sides. Disc 3 Promo Mixes, Edits, B Sides Disc 4 Vault tracks volume 1 Disc 5 Vault tracks volume 2 Disc 6 Vault tracks Volume 3 Discs 7&8 Prince live at Utrecht.. Disc 9 (DVD) Prince live at Paisley park New year's Eve 1987. To celebrate the release. The estate is live streaming on his official youtube. The entire live at Paisley park concert. Tonight at 8 PM eastern standard time. The subjects on the album tackle serious issues Ranging from AIDS, Drugs, Gangs, The space shuttle challenger crash, Religion (After all the sinning he did on his music, it's widely known he would get spiritual as a way to ask for forgiveness for Being tempted or giving into temptation the Cross is no different), Partying, lust and Romance (Adore is considered one of his Best love songs) plus fan favorite the live jam clocking close to 10 Minutes it's gonna be a beautiful night is among the highlights. Plus Housequake, U got the look, if I was your girlfriend and Strange relationship saw Prince taking on a female persona known as Camilla (He planned to do an album of his female alter ego, but Warner Bros. Balked at the idea, stating that there was no way they could market an album of an alter ego.) He planned on having just the eyes showing with no mention of Prince or Camila The voice of Camila was technically Prince, Himself, But he does up his voice in the mixing Process to give it this female sounds. So who's ready to explore the artist at his most best.
  9. The top five greatest hits by solo acts, Before playlists, artists and labels would package a best of their biggest artists. Sometimes the greatest Hits have clever titles. Like the best selling compilation by a solo act, Female in the US The immaculate collection by Madonna. Or in some cases like TLC Now and forever. One greatest hits act I will be excluding from this list is the original 1998 Mariah Carey #1's album. She opened the album with a letter saying this was out of her hands, and this isn't a greatest hits, it's too soon. Just a thank you to the fans, when the greatest Hits comes I'll include songs that didn't go #1 that are better than some that did Underneath the stars, Breakdown, the roof. Mariah thanked the fans, but also shaded the concept behind the album. My opinion for the best Britney Spears greatest Hits collection The 58 track (29 CDs in the rare and hard to get cool box set which housed a b side or a cool Remix) that celebrated her first decade in the music industry. While the 2004 set Greatest hits: My prerogative was praised, many felt it was way too soon for Britney to actually have a Hits collection, saying it speaks of her short brief imperial phase. But 2009's Box set was praised and achieved universal acclaim, the only Britney album to achieve this. Saying as a singles act, it doesn't get better than Britney Spears. This set goes hand to hand with the just released Madonna's celebration, and is a great reminder, that just like Madonna and Michael Jackson was the top pop stars of their era. Britney Spears proves this box set start as a teen pop 🌟 brilliantly across 29 CD singles goes from pop star to established club act. It's perhaps an indicator when Britney goes out of favor for radio stations and album sales, the princess of pop will join the ranks of Madonna and Kylie Minogue as relevant in the dance floor forever, who needs a billboard hot 100 #1 hit when you have 15 #1 dance hits. For the males there is only two men I Stan both I was raised on in my household Prince the Hits. This release was right before the final Official album to bear his name under the moniker Prince 1958-1993, but this release he allowed to happen, but refused to promote given the battle he was taking on the music industry. While Taylor Swift got praised. Prince did it to, was ridiculed and made fun of. This is the only commercial he authorized for his first greatest hits set. Kylie Minogue step back in time deluxe 3 CD set Originally a 2 CD set, many fans felt jipped on kiss me once exclusion. Kylie obliged and released the expanded reissue of her Gold certified #1 Album. 10 more hits, plus a 40 minute megamix. TLC now and forever:The Hits represents the best American girl group compilation Like T Boz said, we're the only girl group to have funk, soul, rap. It wasn't done before, and never happened since them. https://youtu.be/NOOhqDpL5-k Michael Jackson History, past present and Future book 1.. Is perhaps the ultimate best of in make pop stars, 15 of his biggest Hits on one disc, the other is a complete studio album. Featuring Scream the only time Michael and Janet collaborated, plus it house's the very first single to debut at #1 on the Billboard hot 100 (which happened slot in the fall of 1995, but until the streaming era, it was way difficult to achieve that feat, it's easier now. Not so much back then) It's also to date his most controversial and personal album to date. Reason why it's controversial Michael was accused of anti seminite lyrics in they don't care about us, by the Jewish community. For the following lyrics. "Skinhead, dead head, everybody gone bad . Jew me, sue me, kick me, kik'e me Don't you black or white me." Let's just say Sony Music was extremely pissed that they had to pay an additional 2,000,000 for Michael to reedit the song without the offending lyrics. Hint the special effects. It's only the original print that contains the unedited version. Celebration is the ultimate greatest Hits set by Madonna.
  10. It's no secret That There was a major rivalry between Michael Jackson abd Prince, MJ was gonna invite him to dona duet on his iconic hit single "Bad", By MJ opening the line "Your butt is Mine", well that didn't sit well with Prince. He also had a hatred for Janet, Shading her everytime from the queen of whispers to calling her out on everytime he covered "What have you done for me lately", By yelling who wrote the song to the crowd, He always hated that the Jackson's were such goody two shoes, but He has praised Madonna and Beyoncé, declaring Beyoncé as the greatest black artist since The artist himself. But trying to run over MJ by a car. Talk about trying to getting rid of the enemy.
  11. If one thing I give credit to the Prince estate, unlike Michael Jackson, The Vault has simply kept Prince the artist alive. Well they're at it again. The estate announced A remastered and expanded reissue of 1987's Sign O' The Times. Now while it's not as successful as 1982's 1999 or 1984's Purple Rain, it's still viewed by critics and fans as his best album of the 80's. The expanded reissue contains the original 1987 album in a 2020 remastered sound, plus a 13 track set of Single edits, Club Mixes and B Sides. Plus, we get close to 40 tracks from his vault of material recorded during this era that never saw the light of the day until now. Plus a live audio concert of the tour from Utrecht. Now the physical cd/ Vinyl editions are. CD Standard: The original 2 Disc set remastered. Deluxe The remastered album plus the 13 track Promo Mixes and B Sides Super Deluxe Disc 1 Sign O' The times Disc 1 2020 remaster Disc 2 Sign O' The times Disc 2 2020 remaster Disc 3 Promo Mixes and B Sides 2020 Remaster Disc 4 Vault Tracks Disc 1 Disc 5 Vault Tracks Disc 2 Disc 6 Vault Tracks Disc 3 Disc 7 Live From Utrecht Disc 1 Disc 8 Live From Utrect disc 3 Disc 9 Prince Live from Paisley Park 1988 DVD Vinyl Standard 2 LP set Deluxe 4 LP Set SUPER Deluxe 13 LP Set plus dvd. The super deluxe also comes with a 120 Page hardbound book, containing rare photographs, Hand written lyrics and liner notes by a Few colleagues and a Minnesota music historian. The Super Deluxe is available to pre order For 70.99 on Google play, itunes and Amazon music. You can also pre add now on Apple music. The physical super deluxe cd is priced at 148.99 for the 9 Disc set and 275.99 for the 13 LP Set plus dvd. Can't wait to hear the artist and his work.
  12. Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite movies featuring great performances from Black pop stars. Obviously the late, great Whitney Houston comes to mind right away. The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher's Wife. Whitney wowed us as a leading lady in The Bodyguard and her performance broke barriers at the time. Even though she faced criticism from film critics, it's safe to say some of her movies have undoubtedly stood the test of time. Mariah has been cast in some very impressive dramatic roles in Lee Daniels films Precious and The Butler. Justice For Glitter! Beyonce in Dreamgirls and The Lion King. Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) in Poetic Justice Diana Ross, Janelle Monae, Aaliyah, Will Smith. The list goes on... I'm curious what some of your fave crossover performances are. Let's discuss!
  13. Both were famous in their own right but prince was talented way pass michael he played os many instruments we broke so many barriers and maintained a career up until he died ..
  14. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/pop/9376602/prince-and-the-revolution-1985-purple-rain-concert-livestream?__twitter_impression=true The estate of Prince will air beginning Thursday on YouTube the iconic 1985 Purple rain tour from Syracuse dome. The two hour show was originally issued on VHS during the height of his commercial success. It was reissued on DVD in 2017 on the expanded reissue of Purple Rain. But it's obviously a rip of the vhs source. As it's just a sqaure format and not remastered in today's aspect ratio. According to the billboard they pulled the source film from the vault. And will broadcast the concert on YouTube for three days. Before going back into the vault. This is for charity for Covid-19. So any dollar amount donated. Google and the estate will match it.
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