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Ulf Ekberg of Ace of Base shades the music industry for failing to accept digital til it was too late


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I find this interview fascinating, they touch everything from how Sweden was dragged to the mud for not allowing the government to be involved on a medical crisis. But they're right. They have no training in medical or hospital so why would they get involve in something they're not trained for like a medical pandemic. We have doctor's who went to school for this with degrees. This isn't your lane, stay out. However he does say the one thing we weren't prepared for was the cleaning supplies for elderly homes as they burned all that cos there was no need for stuff that's seen as necessities in war. 


He touches the early days of his band, he also laughs that a record executive in Sweden will always be remembered for selling Ace of Base for 2,000 dollars. Ulf said, he's a good friend of mine, but it's all he's known for in Sweden. 


He shades the music industry for not accepting Napster or digital, he said they never recovered from Napster, it took Spotify for the industry to embrace the internet. 


He touches the mental health of Malin, and how she was Never comfortable with fame, love to sing, but it's not for her. She wanted to leave the day they signed the American deal. The band said we had to do a compromise, beginning with the second Album, we started phasing her out. It was the only way she could do her end of our 4 album deal. 


He touches how he wants to tour with it and Jenny for their 30th anniversary. 

Ge also shades Clive Davis saying, Clive refused to work with an artist he signed as a manager as we. They hired one, he ended up getting fired, Clive caved and dealt with Ulf, who studied entrepreneurship and made Ace of Base a business brand. He sAys he deals two hours, sometimes boring lawyers and industry stuff, other times it's the fun side, seeing the Acers, talking to them. 


He also touches how having his first son helped him during a huge tsunami crisis, stating nobody was caring for the kids. They cared more for the adults, I was like looking at my son, and Said we'll build a shelter for kids then. 


@Jordan Miller will appreciate the shade of refusing to go internet. He also hated the fact that the fifth album had a traditional roll out, he stated they Never learned. 


He also touches how hard it's to genre a band who does all shades of pop music, which was what the big problem for Sweden was for the group. Nobody knew how to market them

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