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Found 9 results

  1. Trace Adam is known for his Britney Spears and Several pop girls Remixes, had a cult following. Did it just for fun.. But as of Today. He officially has his first remix single professional released. Part of Playground Music Scandanavia celebration of their biggest global act to date.. Sweden's own Ace of Base which has been celebrating their 30th anniversary since the band formed, not actual studio release.. Trace Adam has Remixed "Happy Nation" which is the title track of the album internationally, while In the US it's the sign.. So.far, nobody has remixed the Sign.. Following trace Adam on instagram. He basically said it wAs the hardest thing to do, keep this a secret. He couldn't even tell family that he actually has his first official remix worldwide.. A video for the remix premieres six am AZ Time which is 5AM California Time.. Congrats Trace
  2. I find this interview fascinating, they touch everything from how Sweden was dragged to the mud for not allowing the government to be involved on a medical crisis. But they're right. They have no training in medical or hospital so why would they get involve in something they're not trained for like a medical pandemic. We have doctor's who went to school for this with degrees. This isn't your lane, stay out. However he does say the one thing we weren't prepared for was the cleaning supplies for elderly homes as they burned all that cos there was no need for stuff that's seen as necessities in war. He touches the early days of his band, he also laughs that a record executive in Sweden will always be remembered for selling Ace of Base for 2,000 dollars. Ulf said, he's a good friend of mine, but it's all he's known for in Sweden. He shades the music industry for not accepting Napster or digital, he said they never recovered from Napster, it took Spotify for the industry to embrace the internet. He touches the mental health of Malin, and how she was Never comfortable with fame, love to sing, but it's not for her. She wanted to leave the day they signed the American deal. The band said we had to do a compromise, beginning with the second Album, we started phasing her out. It was the only way she could do her end of our 4 album deal. He touches how he wants to tour with it and Jenny for their 30th anniversary. Ge also shades Clive Davis saying, Clive refused to work with an artist he signed as a manager as we. They hired one, he ended up getting fired, Clive caved and dealt with Ulf, who studied entrepreneurship and made Ace of Base a business brand. He sAys he deals two hours, sometimes boring lawyers and industry stuff, other times it's the fun side, seeing the Acers, talking to them. He also touches how having his first son helped him during a huge tsunami crisis, stating nobody was caring for the kids. They cared more for the adults, I was like looking at my son, and Said we'll build a shelter for kids then. @Jordan Miller will appreciate the shade of refusing to go internet. He also hated the fact that the fifth album had a traditional roll out, he stated they Never learned. He also touches how hard it's to genre a band who does all shades of pop music, which was what the big problem for Sweden was for the group. Nobody knew how to market them
  3. Ava Max has been dubbed in the press as this spiritual successor to Swede's Ace of base. Someone did a Mash up of Ace of Base's The Sign and Ava Max's who's laughing now and it's brilliant cos it proves the media was right. @Jordan Miller @ColdAsFire88
  4. It's custom in the music industry to do cover songs, it's no industry secret. Mariah carey, Whitney Houston are a few of these examples of taking a well known song and making it bigger. Dolly Parton who did the original I will always love you, is always appreciated as she jokes from time to time. "I'll never go broke, Whitney Houston made sure of that" But it's never the case of a cover song to be associated with the cover act as an original song. "Don't turn around" by Ace of Base is often seen as an original song by them, But as it still shocks people, it's actually the second take on an obsecure B Side from Tina Turner. Diane Warren wrote Don't turn around with Albert hammond in 1985, Tina recorded it for an album. Much to Diane's disappointment her first song she wrote. EMI put it as a B Side, which at that time meant nothing special here. Just a cut track. It was finally given a full commercial release in 1996, when Virgin issued a big box set. Here's the 1986 original take that nobody actually knows exists. Then, in 1989 The song was covered by British reggae group Aswad, who took it to #1 across Europe including Sweden where Ace of Base comes from. But didn't become a hit in the US peaking at #44 on the US R&B charts, but not the hot 100 is deemed a commercial failure. By early 1993, thx to a vacation in Europe, Clive Davis heard Ace of Base everywhere from bars, Nightclubs the radios he heard All that she wants everywhere. Despite telling Their small independent label Mega Records (Now playground music Scandanavian AB) no they won't work in the US 3 Times, He actually realized they might actually work. He sighed a licensed deal with Mega for four albums. The original Happy Nation sold over six million copies by 1993, That's a good feat for an act on an independent label who gets paid to license deals for the Group. Outside Arista which covered The Americas and Japan. Ace of Base never really licensed music to major labels But they had license deals with roughly 55 labels but Mega was the main one. Clive suggested new songs for the US debut. They recorded 4, one of them was a cover of Don't Turn Around, the group was hesitant as it was huge in Europe thanks to Aswad. But Clive's instincts paid off. The Album was retitled The Sign for the Americas and Japan, while retaining the original Happy Nation title but was redubbed U.S. version to say this is the American version of our debut album. It was just by title that was different it basically still was the Album itself. The third single (sixth in Europe and other countries) was Don't turn around, finally peaking at #4 on the hot 100. The song became a hit and by coincidence that's very accidental in nature and Ace of base original. The group did two extended remixes One is the Stretch version, the other is based on the Groove, a dub is called turned out Eurodub. The group Aswad also did a remix as an appreciation of being acknowledged by the group in several interviews. In 2008, a new version dubbed Don't turn around 2009 was done by Ace of Base. I actually loved the concept of The shelved Album "Redefined" it was gonna be 7 new songs and 7 new modern day versions big their catalog hits. 4 songs were recorded for the redefined album, but was released on their 2008 greatest hits album Lucky Love 2009 The Sign Freedom bunch remix Don't turn around 2009 And their debut Single Wheel of Fortune 2009, which is a dark song none the less. Betting for the women's love and affection like a game of wheel of fortune. The man is so scared that she thinks he's gonna tell his daddy that he lost, he did, she was in love with another fool. The 2009 take was more darker and sinister compared to the original 1992 Happy production. Two new songs were recorded "couldn't care less" and wish you were mine but was shelved in favor for The Golden ratio which we Acers don't talk about. As Founding member Jenny at 37 then was considered too old, and was replaced. Two new girls were introduced as members one of them being Clara Mae who's a huge club act in the US. That lasted for two years. The band is no more but thx to a big retrospective box set released in the UK of the original line up. The two redefined songs were finally issued in hidden gems Volume 2 disc 10 is this comprehensive box set which saw the Albums remastered, which Ulf oversaw himself stating the albums were remastered for CDs once, but it's a new era, we listen to music digitally In headphones mostly via mobile phones and such. So I oversaw the remastering of the original albums, the remixes, the outtakes to make it sound perfect for today's technology.
  5. Mariah carey isn't the only artist celebrating 30 years, Sweden's very own Ace of Base just issued a pretty cool box set containing the 4 studio albums under the original but iconic line up. 11 CDS and a DVD. UK it's priced at £55, however as it's an import It's about 80 dollars and a shipping and handling charged. My friend bought it for me as an early Christmas gift, she also pre ordered me Kylie's Disco with the website exclusive Cassette and exclusive Disco deluxe CD. Hopefully one Day Britney Spears couldn't do this kinda gem. It's a limited edition. But Playground and The BBC had to do a second print as pre orders on This box set completely sold out. A second print was made due to huge demand. FYI, outside a few remixes and Hidden Gems volume 2, Playground music Scandinavia has no plans on releasing the entire contents of the box set on digital and streaming platforms, as they feel it would ruin the box set becoming a highly sought and rare item one day.
  6. I was obsessed this weekend over the new Ace of Base Album, 23 previously unreleased vault tracks from the original line up, not the brief line up with Clara Mae, a club queen in the US, who was briefly in Ace of Base for two year's. But that's very controversial, as it caused a huge rift between founding member Jenny who at 37 was replaced with younger vocalists, She felt betrayed by her Brother and Basically best friend for doing this behind her back. Jenny at one point was considering taking Ulf and her brother to court over using the name Ace of Base even though the original four all owned that name. She never thought about taking the girls to court as she said, I'm not mad at them, it's not their fault what happened. It's just those two need to change the name because it's false advertisement. It took a few years but everything is settled and all the relationships are mended. Well this past Friday, they released the long talked about sequel to 2015's Hidden Gems. Here are my top Five #5 At the borderline (Moogoperator 2). Ace of Base is notriously known for having several early or multiple versions of songs. At the borderline is no exception, and it's very Happy Nation/The Sign esque which made the band the biggest act of 1994. As it's very positive and infectious #4 Bad dad Basically lyrics detail a son or daughter, who keeps misbehaving, and making the dad mad, and I guess in this case they are a sibling in the narrative obviously older and talking taking them home and shaping them up, cos instead of admitting they are the problem, they blame others so they can take the fall, for whatever they did that was so horrible.. #3 Stranger to love Very beautiful Life esque and The que sera synth lines, This is probably some of the stuff recorded during the sessions for 1995's The Bridge. #2 For a Thousand days (Demo Perfect harmonies between Malin and Her sister Jenny. And nice and libs By Buddha of course #1 Giving it up 1999 version We Acers have 3 versions of this very happy Nation track. The updated 2015 remix for The original hidden gems, the 1991 Original cut on the 2015 Happy Nation US. Version remastered as the Bonus track. Now this 1999 take which definitely sounds it was very close for inclusion for their greatest hits best of "Singles of the 90s, obviously Hallo hallo was chosen instead. But after 2 decades the 1999 take is issued. Enjoy. @Jordan Miller
  7. Back in July to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The third biggest selling swedish act. Ace of Base dropped an 11 CD/DVD box set. Containing the 4 Albums plus all the club remixes, Music videos and their concert from 1990 when they debuted. In 2015, they released Hidden Gems. Rare tracks, b sides and Japanese tracks. iTunes got two bonus tracks. The box set for a second disc of hidden gems and remixes created by fans. Well today. That second disc of Hidden Gems was released 23 unreleased tracks, it also an early version of The Sign before it became the hit we know enjoy. The best of 90s Swedish pop..
  8. Here's the fascinating BBC documentary on the Sweden pop music industry. Titled Flat Pop pack: Sweden pop music. From the underground club days, to using Swedish folk music. Plus mixing Rock music, R&B Music and club beats. On it's original sound. Interviews ranging from 5Ive, Ace of Base's ULF Ekberg, Jenny Berggren, Robyn and a few others, Discuss how the Swedish Music industry produced the pop music that we loved in the last 30 years. They also reveal a big secret. Before he produced our favorite pop records. Max Martin fronted a heavy metal band, with a secret he felt guilty about. He loved Melodic pop. He was rechristened Max Martin by Dennis Pop. To separate the two identities. This documentary is mostly about denniz Pop who started it all. He died way too early before the take over happened in the late 90s.. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  9. In 1995 Ace of Base released their highly anticipated follow up to the massively successful Happy Nation (Europe, Africa, Mexico, and Australia and Asia outside Japan) Or The Sign (US, Canada and Latin America outside of Mexico, also Japan when it was reissued in a remaster edition in 2003). The follow up the Guinness book of world records best selling debut album by a non British act was widely acclaimed but underperformed. Happy nation sold astounding 28 million albums worldwide for a swedish act. These numbers are unheard of unless You are Abba. But the follow up only sold 7 million worldwide. Industry standards at that time deemed it a flop. And I will include the track Dennis Pop is talking about plus all four of the very first productions that actually gave Max Martin full credit as a song writer and a producer. The demo that got stuck in his car. Which he heard over and over again. The end result. Which Jenny and Joker say the song has a sad ending. Cos you don't know if she got what she wanted after all. It was main vocalist Linn that suggested the production of the song be in minor key as it makes the track more scary and threatening when telling her story of her quest for a night of passion. Beautiful Life Lead single in the US and second international single was the first global single to have Max Martin credited as a song writer and a producer. The track was Written by Ace of Base member Joker with John Ballard. Production by Joker, Dennis Pop and Max Martin.. Max Martin also provides background vocals. Beautiful Life peaked at #15 on both the hot 100 and the UK's OCC. Also was a #1 hit on the US billboard Hit dance club play. Lucky love international lead single and second US single offered as the acoustic version with an alternate video.. Shocking Sweden wasn't in love with Ace of Base, they actually treated them harshly cos of how huge they were and it's actually common in Sweden. Something about a moral community law that basically they aren't happy if you actually achieve something that most swedish don't get. Global recognition. I've researched it's actually more laced now nearly 30 years later. When Lucky love went #1 in Sweden it shocked them. Track was a top 20 hit in a few other countries. Here's the European video with the original mix. Due to the success of Grunge, and alternative rock music. Arista (Their US distribution offered an acoustic version in the US as the single. And even on the Bridge US version. Lucky love (Acoustic version) was the only version we got. It wasn't until the 2003 Platinum & Gold collection did the US get the original mix. It peaked at #30. A top 40 hit based on the sales. But another dance #1 hit. Thx to remixed by Frankie Knuckles, Richard Humpty Vission, and a few others. US video is different and also known for another reason . #1 the US video is the last video to feature full participation from Malin. After this she will begin her gradually into the background of the group. Giving Jenny all vocals to eventually disappearing from the public eye. Literally. She hasn't been seen outside her family since 2003. Her brother joker still gives us updated. But she is gone. Nobody knows what she looks like. Her brother said she changed her appearance to be unregonize by fans. It's also a summer theme .. Final third single. Never gonna say I'm sorry.. Worldwide underperformed as the group didn't promote it. They we're on a tour which Malin ended up abruptly and the promotion ended in just 8 months. jante law. Which is a moral social law. You are not supposed to be show off, stand out or actually be special. You are supposed to be like every other Sweden. I think @Jordan Miller And @Roxxy Would especially appreciate the shade from ULF. I love my country. But I'd Rather be #1 in America. Jenny explaining in the US in 93. There was Soul music, Rap and hard rock. That was the three biggest and mostly bought genres of music in the states. But not Melodic pop. Which they brought to the US states. Somehow the American public are it up. 1994 will always be remembered as the year Ace of Base had the #1 single with The Sign and The #1 album also titled The Sign.
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