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An obsecure Tina Turner song, is still to this day considered to Be an original Ace of Base song.


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It's custom in the music industry to do cover songs, it's no industry secret. 

Mariah carey, Whitney Houston are a few of these examples of taking a well known song and making it bigger.

Dolly Parton who did the original I will always love you, is always appreciated as she jokes from time to time. 

"I'll never go broke, Whitney Houston made sure of that"

But it's never the case of a cover song to be associated with the cover act as an original song.

"Don't turn around" by Ace of Base is often seen as an original song by them, But as it still shocks people, it's actually the second take on an obsecure B Side from Tina Turner.

Diane Warren wrote Don't turn around with Albert hammond in 1985, Tina recorded it for an album. Much to Diane's disappointment her first song she wrote. EMI put it as a B Side, which at that time meant nothing special here. Just a cut track.

It was finally given a full commercial release in 1996, when Virgin issued a big box set. Here's the 1986 original take that nobody actually knows exists. 

Then, in 1989 The song was covered by British reggae group Aswad, who took it to #1 across Europe including Sweden where Ace of Base comes from. 

But didn't become a hit in the US peaking at #44 on the US R&B charts, but not the hot 100 is deemed a commercial failure. 

By early 1993, thx to a vacation in Europe, Clive Davis heard Ace of Base everywhere from bars, Nightclubs the radios he heard All that she wants everywhere. Despite telling Their small independent label Mega Records (Now playground music Scandanavian AB) no they won't work in the US 3 Times, He actually realized they might actually work. He sighed a licensed deal with Mega for four albums. 

The original Happy Nation sold over six million copies by 1993, That's a good feat for an act on an independent label who gets paid to license deals for the Group. Outside Arista which covered The Americas and Japan. Ace of Base never really licensed music to major labels 

But they had license deals with roughly 55 labels but Mega was the main one. 

Clive suggested new songs for the US debut. They recorded 4, one of them was a cover of Don't Turn Around, the group was hesitant as it was huge in Europe thanks to Aswad. 

But Clive's instincts paid off. 

The Album was retitled The Sign for the Americas and Japan, while retaining the original Happy Nation title but was redubbed U.S. version to say this is the American version of our debut album. It was just by title that was different it basically still was the Album itself. 

The third single (sixth in Europe and other countries) was Don't turn around, finally peaking at #4 on the hot 100. The song became a hit and by coincidence that's very accidental in nature and Ace of base original. 

The group did two extended remixes One is the Stretch version, the other is based on the Groove, a dub is called turned out Eurodub. 

The group Aswad also did a remix as an appreciation of being acknowledged by the group in several interviews.

In 2008, a new version dubbed Don't turn around 2009 was done by Ace of Base. 

I actually loved the concept of The shelved Album "Redefined" it was gonna be 7 new songs and 7 new modern day versions big their catalog hits.

4 songs were recorded for the redefined album, but was released on their 2008 greatest hits album 


Lucky Love 2009

The Sign Freedom bunch remix

Don't turn around 2009


And their debut Single Wheel of Fortune 2009, which is a dark song none the less. Betting for the women's love and affection like a game of wheel of fortune.

The man is so scared that she thinks he's gonna tell his daddy that he lost, he did, she was in love with another fool. 

The 2009 take was more darker and sinister compared to the original 1992 Happy production. 

Two new songs were recorded "couldn't care less" and wish you were mine but was shelved in favor for The Golden ratio which we Acers don't talk about. 

As Founding member Jenny at 37 then was considered too old, and was replaced. 

Two new girls were introduced as members one of them being Clara Mae who's a huge club act in the US. That lasted for two years. 

The band is no more but thx to a big retrospective box set released in the UK of the original line up. The two redefined songs were finally issued in hidden gems Volume 2 disc 10 is this comprehensive box set which saw the Albums remastered, which Ulf oversaw himself stating the albums were remastered for CDs once, but it's a new era, we listen to music digitally In headphones mostly via mobile phones and such. So I oversaw the remastering of the original albums, the remixes, the outtakes to make it sound perfect for today's technology. 

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