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Is this a roast? (Kinda funny)

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I'm so over people talking about her or mentioning her in videos lately that don't even bother to acknowledge what's currently going on with the conservatorship. I know this wasn't very mean spirited or anything and she's just another one of the GP but still. f**king educate yourself. BOMT manages to trend on Tik Tok almost 22 years after it's release and yet we still can't get the GP or anyone of importance to actually talk about the cship or do something. It's beyond aggravating. 


Yes I realize that Cher tweeted about this mess but it's become very obvious that she's not actually going to do anything.


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I mean she’s kinda saying what we are all thinking but still like Amor said, I hate that she continues to be fodder for media content while she’s rotting away under Lou’s grasp. It’s no different than back then when people would openly poke fun at her. She’s not even free, she can’t openly defend herself or explain herself like other popstars could so it’s totally not fair game for them to bring her up even if it’s not mean spirited or ill intentional. 

For me, I like to ignore those posts or anything weird, pretend like it didn’t exist because honestly how do we know it’s not her team trying to paint her as mentally crazy to justify the continuation of the cship or other possibilities. 

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