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Big conspiracy YT channel talks about Britney, #freebritney mentioned

Lil Jay

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38 minutes ago, BritneyBliss said:

Such a poorly made and in-accurate video lol. I stopped watching when he said “in 1988 Britney released her first solo album” 💀  

I know, right:badthoughts:

But somehow I managed to move on and continue watching hah

2 hours ago, Shadow2003 said:

If it's mostly just conspiracy s**t, then I can't be bothered to watch it. Could someone summarize it for me, please? Thanks in advance! :kisses2all:

Also, I'm glad they brought up #FreeBritney. Any exposure is good exposure in this case, I guess...

Basically about illuminati/masons/KM-ultra or wathever idk, how she was prepared since childhood to be a megastar, pact with devil, all bullshit is mentioned:juggingu:

But many thruth is there, especially this new from 2019, about BritneyGram, her father... Didn't watch whole video but most of it

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