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This is going to be a bigger mess than desert performance.

The meltdowns are going to be amazing!


If there is no official word in the next few days, I solely suggest you calm down thinking its going to be released soon.
 It may not even happen this month, who knows?!
You'll be sitting here spewing hate at RCA and her team, and for what?

For believing any rumour with no official word or backing!? 

By now, her team would have said something with only a short time to go until a "release".

I don't think Apple Pie is coming just yet...
*Eats Popcorn*

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19 hours ago, Spongbob said:

I believe but if it doesn't happen I'm not going to be surprised

I hope it happens for all Godney's sake. But, why would they drop a song with no tease, no lyric video, no promotion? I mean, its RCA... the worst team going but you know what I mean :haha: it wouldn't make any sense to drop a single with no prior hype... 

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6 days until the Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony and Britney Spears latino-inspired bubbling under 200 semi-hit "I feel so free with U" debuts

Featuring a Britney cameo in the video (with her dancers)

Britney sings "come and get my apple pie, when you touch me I feel so free with you te quiero baby"



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