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2008 Candies untouched- is this new?


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God i remember my first year at secondary school (i was 11), in Home Economics class we were being taught about body image/ how many photos online are Photoshopped/ don't believe or idolize false images and body expectations blah blah blah. Buuuuuuuuut I remember my teacher used the untouched and touched photos from this photo shoot as the example. I remember all the 'flaws' we're labelled and pointed out. That was like 8 years ago, I wonder if it's still used? Ha impact :outwithit:

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1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

She leaked some untouched photos herself actually back in 09 or 10. It was a really nice gesture to see that she was confident about her body under the photoshop.

No, she didn't. Some blog reported it as if the leak was from herself, but the unretouched pics came with a bunch of UHQ sets that started to leak in 2009/2010 cuz someone in the trading circle wanted them out.

It was a Britmas from unretouched pics/outtakes and Britney benefited from it without even saying a word.

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