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Do you think Britney was authentic in every era?


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Like was she really that innocent in BOMT? Even a little bit of OIDIA. I know she says “I’m not that innocent”, so does that mean that innocent image was forced?

And her image in Britney era compared to her image during KFed... Britney era, she was like so perfect. **** but also clean. Beautiful attitude, clothes, makeup, etc. It seemed to changed when she met KFed where she starts to look a little messy (she still had a lot of great looks but there’s no denying there was a definite change between these years). Was Britney becoming more like Kevin? Was she finally becoming like herself? Or was she always herself and her personality changes over the years? Looking back, the change just seems so dramatic !

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Well as you get older, you grow and evolve. And we're complex beings. So I won't say her innocent persona or even her **** one was an act. She was a small town girl with humble beginnings and a down to earth personality. U can't fake that. But as she got bigger as a celeb and became an adult, obviously you're going to want to experiment and do other things. That's why we started to see her **** image more and more because she was figuring out who she was. Doesn't mean that was fake. I think the KFed image was mostly due to her rebelling against the world. No one wanted her to be with him and she wanted to prove ppl wrong. I don't think it was necessarily fake but she had found someone who was comfortable with himself and open and kinda crass and different from who she was and maybe she wished she could be like that and took cues from him. But it's pretty obvious that the laid back reserved person is who she has been all along. Doesn't mean she isn't also okay being ******. She switches up like most ppl.

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Personally, I think Britney (for the most part) has been incredibly authentic a person. During the Baby era, she was just happy to be singing songs and dancing, she was probably embarrassed to talk about *** and got kinda awkward when the *** before marriage thing came up (she was teen, does any teen openly talk about *** knowing their mother and father would hear it all?), same goes for Oops era. I think we started to see Britney at her most authentic goofy, but driven self around the Britney and ITZ eras, but there was also, a very lonely Britney (literally anything you watch, she talks about feeling lonely). Then she had her break from the scene, and got to just stop, and not work and do normal things (which aren't normal by hollywood standards, like wear flipflops and put on weight.)

Blackout didnt really have a lot of professional moments to judge, other than the VMA's, but she seemed incredibly over everything (still authentic i guess). 

Its Circus throughout to BJ that kinda ruined that: Circus gave us a very bubblegum album, but from documentaries and interviews, it was clear that Britney just sorta made the album and while wanting to getting back out there, she didn't wanna push herself. Femme Fatale Britney looked like she was stuck on an overly long shift at work and wanted to be out of there, and BJ was an insult and an embarrassment (funnily enough, these are the albums where Britney lost a lot of fans).

Glory, and Britney for that Mermaidney/POM revamp/Glory release timeline seemed to want to work, but not in the same way she did in 2002. She was lighthearted but willing to play and have fun, which came through on Glory. 

The Asia tour is what kinda dampened that though, because from then on its just been this weird string of contradictions.

When Britney is working hard, she seems to be at her most authentic.

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