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I'm listening Confessions on a Dance Floor for the first time and...


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Just now, G L O R Y said:

Sis, have you watched the Confessions Tour? The album gets way better after watching the show tbqfh


i haven't but i will her lives are out of this world this one made me LOVE celebration - i used to hate it

this performance was in my hometown and i didnt go to that concert... at least i went to Rihanna's :cinderellaney:

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2 minutes ago, kutayuysaler said:

ISAAC IS MY FAVORITE FROM NON SINGLES OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD :lemmetellu::lemmetellu::lemmetellu::lemmetellu::lemmetellu::lemmetellu::lemmetellu:

I mean, I’ve always been very indifferent to this song. I do think that some of the instrumentation is quite beautiful but, again, it’s not of of my favorites.

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