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Real or Fake these are some deep amazing lyrics :urite:

33 minutes ago, BethanyJerome said:

First Verse:

"You might not believe it
But trust me this is true
You fall for their poison
And become a part of their crew
I'm in a rebellion
And I'm up against the truth
So will you join me?
Or will you be taken too?"


"The eye that is deceiving is the one trapping us in
I'm fighting a losing battle and my patience is wearing thin
But in rebellion there's a glimmer of light
And nobody claims the crown without some sacrifice"


Are these real? If so, what do they mean?

 May I ask where the source is?:receipts2:

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14 minutes ago, Mike. said:

The more we learn about this song, the more intriguing it becomes.

Also, if I remember correctly, Jordan has this song.

Does he? He should leak it to celebrate Blackout's 10th anniversary this year :moorangu: 

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