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When i think about 2007 i think that britney was just unlucky because


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She was kinda "ahead" of her time. I mean she got "fat" and she went bald and she went kind of crazy, but if you look at today's world, for a girl and pop stars is normal to do all these stuff and being "britney crazy" is the regular behaviour.

She was so ******* outrageous and people literally hated on her for doing everything that is the standard nowadays because is part of the "liberatization of the woman"   smh, poor Britney

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There's a bit of a difference between putting on weight because you had two kids, and have very little time for the gym, but also was couped up in her house because she was being followed 24/7, shaving your head because you're either sabotaging your label image OR getting rid of evidence that you took some sort of ****, and ''acting crazy.

People shave their heads now because its in fashion, and they know they'll get praise for following a trend, people act crazy because they know it'll make headlines, people release body positive songs and are proud of a few extra pounds because its universally

people hated on her because they thought she was ''crazy'' and seeking attention, and egged on the media to push her further.

Lets not glamourise 2007 or mental health issues: Britney hasn't ahead of her time, she was having a public mental health breakdown, of which she had to check into rehab a number of times, and ended up with less legal rights than a child.


also, is Liberatization a word?

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