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They honestly look so **** and so adorable together!
Anyone hating on Samney need to legit get a life and a grip.

Sam looks so hot as well, but at the same time quite laid back and a tad shy.
He isn't looking over confident or egotistical either like some of her previous bf's have in photos at these type of big events.
If anything he strikes me as the type of bf that wants to be by her side, instead of getting to know other famous people.
I hope they are happy together and that people just leave them the **** alone.
Anyone who has judgement and accusations on him or their relationship can shove it up their ***** tbqfh.

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I dont think he looks good, hes not ugly but not my type and i cringe at those workout vids or commercials or whatever hes doing :weirdmeout: but hey im not the one who dates him so... im sure hes a great guy and they are cute together and as long as shes happy... thats all that matters :verycool: 

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