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Matching Britney Spears Necklaces For Sale

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3 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

Why are you selling? No offense sis but you are not going to get more than 8$ for this + shipping is really not worth it IMO. Why don't you keep it as memorabilia?

I realized I've never needed it. It was in my drawer for years. If people won't pay more than 8$ then I'll have to keep it as memorabilia don't worry :giggleney:

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29 minutes ago, CriminalLegend said:

is this necklace an amazing fabulous merch? :weirdmeout:

IKR! :ricackle:this medals were all over in the 90's, they were cheap AF....the only britney thing it has is the lyrics from HIAM....:weirdmeout:

Britney needs some new good designer for her merch,:meltdown: and well ..........everything else. :arianabye:

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