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Fan: "Don't even try to be Britney's Freakshow guy"


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10 hours ago, kasavas said:

So that's probably AP but I found this on instagram and I thought I should share:

There's a fan on instagram, britneybyme, and he draws Britney:

Probably many of you know him.

Well, he started a thing, #takemetothestageNEY because he'd attend POM and he wanted to be the Freakshow victim.


Well, that's what finally happened:

Here's the caption for those of you who can't see it for some reason:

Guys, let me tell what happened about my try to go up on the stage:

Sep 9th: I searched Edan (Britney's personal security) for all over the@TheAxis, the guys who work around the theater helped to find him. And he was very kind, he loved my drawings and got very surprised about my campaign#TakeMeToTheStageNEY, he made me some "security" questions and asked me to wait because he needed to confirm if anybody was chosen before our conversation. Then... another person was chosen before 

Sep 10th: I bought the cheapest ticket available, and I tried again and another guy called Joe talked to me, he was very kind and nice also, he took a picture of me and said that Britney does the final decision. Because all the concerts they select a few guys to Britney pick just one. But Britney didn't choose me 

I got a little disappointed, but... It's okay. The show was awesome, Britney was very pretty and... FOR MY SURPRISE!!! I earned a free pass to the PIT AREA! This made my day!!! I worked very hard to make this happen... So I think was a nice treat 

Guys if I could suggest something... I would like to say: DON'T TRY!!! WHY??? There's a specific kind of person that Britney choose... (Guys wearing pants and shirts must have more lucky). And it is totally randomic. Maybe u guys can get disappointed trying.
All of my effort wasn't enough to be chosen.

But... Britney team and The Axis Theater staff were VERY KIND and ATTENTIVE 

I would like to say this to Felicia, but I didn't.
I just met her in the end of the show, and (like always) she was very sweet! I just hugged her and I said: "Tomorrow I'm coming back Brazil (my country), maybe i'll see u here (in Vegas) next year or in a different country in a world tour." So she adorably said: "Maybe both!"#BritneyArmy? Any thoughts?


I don't think it's Britney's fault, but I do think that it's not nice of her team to be like "Aah, Britney didn't choose you".

That's awful. :moorangu: 

Britney wants only the sexiest  :rihclap:

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