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Found 2 results

  1. Katy Perry accepts the key of the Las Vegas Strip in honor of her ‘Play’ residency. June 8th is officially Katy Perry Day.
  2. After hearing all the negativity thrown towards Katy Perry from this community, I feel like taking a few minutes of my week to shout out some positivity towards Ms. Perry. 🥰 First off, before I get into Vegas.... let's talk about Katy's career, which seems to constantly be invalidated here. The 2000s were such an interesting time for pop music. The decade started off with the bubblegum era, then morphed into a mix of styles. By 2005 we had pop music that stretched from the Britney's to the Avril Lavigne's... and in 2008, Katy Perry crash landed center stage with her debut 'One of the Boys'. Looking back, I remember every moment of Katy's rise to fame. I was 21, closeted, deeply lost and confused in a religious community, and here comes this bubbly chick who walked away from all of that, singing about kissing girls. I was floored. Now, don't get me wrong, the singles from 'One of the Boys' are brilliant. 'Hot N Cold' is one of my favorite pop moments from the entire decade. That being said, that album packed so much more depth than the singles. Songs like 'I'm Still Breathing' and 'Lost' will always have a lasting impact for those who needed them. In 2010, as Katy's fame was blasting into the global stratosphere, she got nothing but flack upon the release of 'Teenage Dream'. Sell out... that was the common thread. But you know something? Katy never let that distract from the art. She made that era into a bubbly, confectionary dream.... and two years later, nearly every media outlet changed their tune, recognizing that 'Teenage Dream' would go down in the books. Katy never lost sight of being a little bit weird, and owning her image exactly as she wanted it, and she never apologized for it. That's an artist... whether you like the art or not. Now, she's not the only one, but I credit Katy as one of the LGBT trailblazers. Christina Aguilera was one of the first in the 2000s to incorporate LGBT themes directly into her image on 'Stripped', but ultimately Katy and Lady Gaga would drive it full force through the 2010s. Today, it's common to see LGBT focus in music and art, but it wasn't so in the early 2000s. Let's not forget Katy's focus on this community from day 1. She's always been an ally and an incredible force for change, despite the entire global religious community putting a huge target on her back. So, let's talk Vegas. While I'd love to see Katy Perry evolve as an artist in 2022 and on... perhaps with a more mature style more kin to my current taste (being selfish here), I won't use that to deny how brilliant her turn in Vegas really is. For those on here stating it's crazy that Katy would have a residency, and that she doesn't belong, I'm baffled. I would pose this valid question... what warrants a Vegas show? As you ponder that question... let's think about this. Rolling Stone, the Independent, Variety, NPR, Billboard ... the Reviews keep coming in, and they've been stellar for Katy's "campy" production. It's classic Katy Perry, and nostalgic like her California Dreams Tour. In a time like we're in, isn't it exactly what we need? The show has choreography, tons of clever and quirky outfits, an out of this world stage design, and a clever theme of a doll coming to life. It couldn't be more campy... it couldn't be more Katy Perry... and that to me flies directly in the face to the bull crap I hear on exhale in regards to Katy not knowing who she is as an artist. She knows EXACTLY who she is. 150+ million records sold, 4 massive world tours .... I have no problem believing Vegas shelled out the money, and I have no problem seeing her as a perfect fit for a limited run. I'll close my op-ed by saying this. 😂 I'll never be the person to defend everything an artist does in a desperate attempt to label them "iconic", or something along the lines. Katy has done tons of things I'm not the biggest fan of, but there's no question in my mind that Katy Perry's career is just beginning. We've only witnessed (pun intended) the first decade of her evolution. She has the talent to do so much more, and I have no doubt she's got surprises up her sleeve for the future. And hey, if she doesn't, if 'PLAY' is really more of a bookend, then well, Katy was a legendary piece of the 2010's, one who's success is very rarely duplicated.
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