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Found 3 results

  1. TL;DR AT THE BOTTOM! A really big debate i’ve been seeing on twitter lately has been over the ownership of Britney Spears music. Some people have vowed to never stream her music again until it’s made clear. I couldn’t get a SOLID idea of who runs her music based off of research (but i did uncover a huge rabbit hole of information that i’ll keep to myself for right now) but I did get an idea. Firstly, Britney Spears herself is technically trademarked. Lots of celebrities do this but under their own name. Britney Spears may be trademarked by someone else. Baby One More Mark, LLC has trademarked the name Britney Spears for use on Beauty Products, Musical Works, Music Videos, Blogs, and a multitude of other things. (source) This would give whoever owns said company exclusive rights to use her name for all the categories it’s been registered to. This (essentially, in a simple explanation) means whoever has a hold of that company has exclusive rights to anything tied to her brand. That being said- It’s likely Britney has NO control over her merch, and money made off her products goes to either her father or Micheal Kane (The most recent director at Britney Brands). (Remember that random perfume that was released that Britney didn’t EVER promote?) Moving back to the topic of music ownership, usually the label has complete control over who owns the music if they don’t own it exclusively. James Spears has a company actually titled Sweet Jamie Music that apparently owns all of Jenny Limbs music (who even streams her music?) So presumably there must be something similar for her recordings? I looked at the companies James has been an officer of (there’s so many, it’s giving money laundering *SPECULATION/JOKE*) and found a company called Miss Britney Recording. (source) Most recently, Lou Taylor, Jamie Spears & Micheal Kane do not work for this company anymore, and the only listed officer shows an agent called “E RESIDENT AGENT” which is basically just a website that seems like an “easy business agent online” type of thing. Most of the companies used to control Britney’s career now have this company listed as an agent, it’s not abruptly clear who actually initiated that. BUT— the business has an address publicly listed, so I checked it to see if it would get me anywhere. It took me to a Public Accounting Firm called Miller Kaplan. Generally it seemed like her music is owned by these companies that Lou and Jamie created. It appears she doesn’t actually own her music (as she almost certainly doesn’t own her brand) but there’s not much info on who actually DOES own her music. The company listed as the agent also opens a whole other rabbit hole of questions too. But for now- I’m not streaming her music. I have CDs/Digital download so i’ll just do that cause none of this makes any sense. TL;DR: Music ownership information is not 100% public but based on public records it appears Britney does not own her own work at all. It LOOKS that her music was collectively owned by Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor at some point through companies that were established post c-ship. If anyone else finds any juicy info that i didn’t include PLS add to this thread!
  2. I thought this post has been long forgotten, originally posted 2 years ago by @ILikeChillinWithYou and @Meaner03 (which is super resourceful, maybe he might worked with team con before? lol), but it was a very important information on how the conservatorship is just a decoy for actual money laundering and human trafficking. Full List of document: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12k0TTfWZY1y4cQIxFrQuUs3UL3lku3cY, but I write it here just in case the link got deleted. Please download everything there, folks so we will have back up for all this just in case. So when Britney is under conservatorship, Jamie, Lou, and Wallet created bunch of corporation that handles everything, from tour management, royalty management, all the way to trucking and catering. What's bad about this "dummy company" is that they don't have any employee. They are just there for the sake of invoicing and expenses charges. For example, the catering company will not really make or get the food, instead they would just subcontracted the job to someone else, but the corporation is there and every expenses should went through them. This allow the company to inflate the expenses, just to throw an example, if Britney want a Big Mac meal that is like $4, the company might charge her exorbitant amount like $1,000 per meal. All of these allegedly "dummy" corporations are named after James Spears (the whole team con, Thoreen, Montgomery, Lou wanted to keep their hands clean just in case IRS catch these). Not to mention the usual suspect for "consultation fee." Lou and those bunch of lawyers can charge anything, sometimes up to $1,000 per hour of work. And they would declare these in their tax returns, so IRS wouldn't suspect anything, except IRS would probably think that "Wow this Andrew Wallet guy is probably a very successful lawyer for making that much money in a year." What suffers the most is going to be Britney's estate because these "dummy companies" are being formed to exploit her finance. @Meaner03 also provide a diagram for all the companies that were made to leech of Britney's estate: What's interesting is that following the conservatorship, there are also bonds made for the conservatorship, valued at $25.5 million alone in 2019 (God knows how many of these are being made prior to that since 2008, 13 FRIKKING YEARS): Link to the full court document (download it before it gets deleted, folks!): https://www.docdroid.net/tlrFlFp/courtcomplet.pdf I'm not sure what this meant, or it was some insurance scam that might be happening, but man, the amount of money made off these conservatorship is HUGE. And this is 2019 when she don't have any album out and its just some Vegas show. Imagine the money way back then in 2008, 2011 when Britney is on her peak. This is obviously what Britney meant in the court last week: "It makes no sense for the state of California to literally watch me with their own two eyes make a living for SO many people and pay SO many people on trucks and buses and on tour and on the road with me and be told that I’m not good enough. But I’m great at what I do and I allow these people to control what I do, ma’am, and it makes no sense at all." So after 13 years of hard work, we will know why Lou Taylor ended up moving her assets of $600 million offshore while Britney ended up with only $60 million. This is why it's important for FBI and IRS to investigate and audit Britney's estate all the way back to 2008. Forensic audit is essential to measure all expense on Fair/ Market Value terms, so we will know if James or Team Conservatorship is really trafficking the money, including all the trails of fund transfers. This is why we need to follow the money trail.
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