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Did @StyleHoliday steal Lil Kim’s aesthetic

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@Style. give it up it’s me I win u lose hahah oh **** yo I’m a bad ***** ima ima bad ***** I’m a bad *****. I told u before I told u to go out to the boutiques and while you’re there pick some pick some fruit out I want leopard print and it’s like I just ended every rap ***** in the building like like I’m ricki minaj ricki leweinksy rick had a drink of Barbie like I mean I don’t even know why u girls bother at this point 

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Just now, Style. said:

Not Nicki fighting the barbz :spit_lmao_spitting_spraying_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_jlaw_jennifer_lawrence:

Pink Friday Eminem 8 mile it must hurt to sell ur album on PayPal. Specially when u were in the game 1520. U were hot when shaq teamed up with penny…… Man U were magic, I mean look at u now h0e uR just tragic. Ur a tragedy, ur a parody first name @anne last name raggedy. These goofy biches are stupidity personified… Wayne you on the gully or the Gazza side

u gotta be careful with who you pick fights with and in this business what I’ve learnt is u just never know

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