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FreeBritneyLive on Twitter account. Lets discuss? Team Con or not Team Con?

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I'm so conflicted about this. Like I believe ya'll here that have stated you think it is and why but at the same time the **** they post is more pro Britney to me. And the thing is the day that Britney testified in Court that account on Twitter is the one who leaked the link to where you could listen to the audio. It's how I found the account in the first place was when I was searching Twitter to keep up and I saw where they had tweeted out that link. I followed thinking they were legit for Britney but you guys think otherwise. I would like to hear other peoples opinions on it. I think its worth discussing. That account does seem to have an in somewhere because posted about the manager resigning before any media outlet did and hinted to Sam's resignation as well. But then today tweeted about Jodie leaving and that ended up being false cause she put out the statement saying she's not goin anywhere. Its weird they would put that out there. 

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