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Colorado Has Its First Human Case of Bubonic Plague Since 2015

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I feel like all of my threads have been bad news lately. :orangu:

A Colorado resident was infected with the plague after a squirrel in the state tested positive for the bubonic plague — the first human case in the Centennial State since 2015, according to a report.

The unnamed person, who lives in the southwest section of the state, contracted septicemic plague earlier this summer and has since recovered, officials confirmed to the Denver Post. The person had had contact with sick squirrels.

Septicemic plague is one of the three main forms of plague — the other forms being bubonic and pneumonic. All are caused by bacteria called Yersinia pestis that live in some animals — mostly rodents — and their fleas.

Septicemic is the rarest of the plague varieties and is an infection in the blood which can cause tissues to turn black and die — whereas the bubonic form causes swollen and painful lymph nodes and the pneumonic form is a severe lung infection. The bubonic plague is the most common type.

The disease doesn’t spread easily to other people, and nobody else was infected, health officials said.

However, experts warned of an “increase of reported plague activity” and cautioned people to avoid handling or feeding rodents and other wildlife.

Full article.

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16 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

We hear about this every few years BUT if this increases then it will be suspicious.  Biowarfare needs to be banned globally. 

Well we’re in 2020, so I think being suspicious will be for the best. :orangu: A teen died recently from the plague, too.


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