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Would Britney have been better off or worse off if...


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I think she'd be better off. This is the only place that sees the 2007 VMAs as a good thing.

The public wouldn't have discovered about her decline in performing until the Circus promo performances and tour and she'd have one less infamous  moment in her career.

But, on the other hand, her team wouldn't have been able to "announce" her comeback with the wins at the 2008 VMAs because there would be no new music.

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It could've went either way tbh. Circus had such hype because it was a comeback, the VMA's was only one part of the how time period.

If she hadn't have released blackout, and still released a safe, clean album in 2008, then people might have pointed out that there was too much of a contrast between Britney the brand, and Britney the person. 

Blackout was kinda perfect because it was messy, gritty, and completely detatched from Britney, but at the same time reflected her at that time. It acted as a pillar to show how far Britney had come in the space of a year also. 

There's no way to tell tbh.


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