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Britney 19th Anniversary Celebration PREVIEW

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12 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

I really hope Team Britney plays their cards well and release an amazing box set with all her albums and bonus tracks included

or a special re-issue of ...Baby One More Time

They seriously need to copy Rihanna and do a vinyl boxset with fun extras. I know she doesn't love being a pop star as much as she used to but I think the 20th anniversary will mean something to her as well. New album release at the same time too please! 

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1 hour ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

They seriously need to copy Rihanna and do a vinyl boxset with fun extras. I know she doesn't love being a pop star as much as she used to but I think the 20th anniversary will mean something to her as well. New album release at the same time too please! 

i still think the Urban Outfitter release of the BOMT vinyl was odd and random timing but I'll get what I can get

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    • Unfortunately, in America the right has become a symbol of extreme conservatism, racism, and xenophobia. Tim Pool and TimCast (the website you posted from) have a history of skirting the facts in order to support a right-wing bias. When posting on the film industry in the future, I recommend using a source like Deadline, Variety, or the Hollywood Reporter as they 1) are a more neutral source, and 2) aren't idiots. 
    • I’m surprised she didn’t go that surrogate route yet, but it would be beautiful to see her have her own belly growing a beautiful baby again, even an ex drug and troubled mind like Lindsay Lohan made it I’m pretty sure Britney can with assistance of a good doctor   
    • Copyright doesn't work like that, it's something like 70 years after the death of the youngest person that is credited in a movie. Even Snow White still has many years to go before losing its copyright  
    • I disagree. They cut EVERYONE off when CS started, so no wonder 13 years later she hasn't reached out to them. I think it seems to her these people also haven't reached out to her within these 13 years, whether they tried or not she doesn't know.
    • Aladdin got some great backlash for casting an Indian-descent actress instead of an Arab one.  Had they casted an Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian or Lebanese actress people wouldn't have minded because they're quite similar-looking with a similar cultural background. That's the same with Emma Watson. Western European look quite the same (but very, very different from Eastern and Southern Europeans).  Actually the little mermaid did pretty okay. I don't think they intended to portray Danish culture. Aladdin, on the other hand, was much much much worse. Much more insensitive than the original version. They mixed Indian and Arab cultures, which have literally nothing in common since India is as far from the Middle East than the US. Also, the movie had a 30% Black and 40% Indian composition. It was just not it. It's as ridiculous as having Mulan with Chinese being a minority in the movie.  Still, I'm sorry, but to me, movies like the Little Mermaid or Queen Charlotte Netflix TV series are subconsciously racist. In over a century Disney has yet to make a movie about an African tale (sub-Saharan more specifically). Including Black people in European historical environments is not inclusion to me. Why aren't they putting Asian people too? You know why? Because they consider that Asian have an interesting history, and therefore they don't need to be casted in British aristocracy TV shows to be included. They consider that Blacks don't have an interesting enough history. Yup. Although Africa has 2,000+ ethnicities, and thousands of different interesting tales and historical events, Hollywood doesn't seem to have any kind of interest in these.  Also, let's not jump into racism directly when people disagree with these kinda stuff. I'm 100% sure that had this been an original movie, or even an animated movie with a Black princess (like Tiana), it would've caused none outrage.  Also, the "POC" term is quite weird to use, are East Asians POC? Despite them being less "colored" than Mediterraneans who are White? Plus the fact that are put in the same category many different people. I think "non-WASP Americans" would be more convenient. I'm just French and calling a non-White person "yeah you're colored, and I'm the base" would provoke an outrage lol.   Anyways, if Hollywood wants to be inclusive, they should listen to what American minorities want to see: original tales occurring in their native countries. It's quite sad that after slavery they've lost their culture. It's even sadder when they cannot even picture what their history looks like because they only see history from the people that enslaved them...      
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