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Leaked conversation between Beyonce and Britney about possible collab


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Beyonce gave birth to beautiful twins, but that wasn't the only good news this week. Pop superstar, Britney Spears reached out to her and visited her at the maternity hospital to congrulate to her but also propose a question. 

Britney arrives at the maternity hospital 


Beyonce casually chilling at the hospital room, expecting queen's visit


Britney congratulates her and says the babies are really cute, Beyonce's is really cool but a bit faded and the room is kinda funky and very artsy farsy


And Beyonce's like


Because Britney is the most impatient person alive, she straight aways pops the question:" So Bey, we know each other since I stop smoking weed and I was like 17 then, and I was thinking It would be really cool If we did a song together. I think that would be really cute." 


And Beyonce's like:" Brit, yeah, i know, we go way back, girl, since the times of a tribute band Destiyonce and the other two children, that was of course a tribute to me, and I kinda like the idea, but girl,  I need you to sing live!  I need you to sing live when we do VMA's, when we do Oscars and especially when we do Grammies. I need you to sing live, Britney Jean Spears! " 


Britney's at first like all giggles and fun," But Bey, you know I "always" sing live buahaha. "


"You keep making fun of me and live singing, but Imma keep ma coins to me. "


"You for real, Bey?" 


"As real as I was in Irreplaceable when I said to the left to the left. And you may take your playback to the left as well". "


" But you did it too. And it was infront of Obama!"


"I know and would you please not remind of that tragic one-time event that I really regret, ktnxbye." 


"You know what Bey, Imma keep doing my thing, lip synch for my life till the world ends, alright?" 


"So is that a no?" 


"Buahahah. Nope."




"Whatever. Bye then. " 


Certified by TMZ and Jordie desert performance exlusives:gloss:


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Guest $elfish
4 minutes ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

Me too. Don't even know why cause we could have known it was a troll post:unbelievableney: we are too hungry


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27 minutes ago, Ryan Godspeed said:

actually, bey agreed to have a duet with her. it's called "I swear she will be singing her part live but her mic is sabotaged and that's why she's pointing her mic". it will reach no.1 and stay there for eternity. :staysalty:

And when they do a live performance, she will do it w a mask on:triggered:

And still sound stellar:triggered:

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