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Another great Slumber Party reaction


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Just now, Sonyeri said:

I watched it yesterday and enjoyed it!

It's weird though how much they know about pop culture for your regular "straight" guy, kinda fishy :ponderney:

But They're hot :queenriri:

Exactly! Their knowledge about pop scene were damn good. But MTV were huge back then so its not a surprised that they acknowledge Britney being one of the reason people watch the VMAS:queenriri:

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One of her most iconic vids tbh... she's goregous in it and the choreo is amazing and she even gets the hot guy in the vid.... win win lol.   When will your favs?

I heard it in the club the other day and people were JAMMING to it.  Y'all think it's a flop, and it might be sales wise....  but most people love it.  The music industry as a whole is suffering.  She still has that impact.

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