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My dream Tour show


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Let's pretend for a minute that Britney isn't going to take the Vegas show on the road this summer and is going to come up with a completely amazing show instead

Act I: 

Invitation (video intro) 

- Britney comes down from the ceiling in the metal ball used from POM 1.0 and yells its been awhile are y'all ready to break the mother ******* ice

1. Break the Ice (POM 1.0 choreo) 

2. Womanizer (Circus Tour choreo with POM 2.0 dance break) 

3. Liar 

4. Piece of Me (new choreo) 

5. Me Against the Music (I actually like the routine from POM RN) 

Act II: 

- Love Me Down Dance break

6. Gimme More (new choreo) 

7. Make Me (new choreo with og video in the background I can dream right:giggleney:

8. I'm a Slave 4 U (original choreo) 

9. Scream and Shout (interlude) 

10. Boys/3 (medley) (new choreo) 

11. Hold it Against Me (new choreo) 

12. DYWCO (new choreo (Britney asks that crowd how they're feeling and if they want to come over) 

13. If I'm Dancing 

Act III:

- Everytime video interlude 

14. Oops! I Did it Again (DWADT choreo) 

15. BOMT (new choreo) 

Act IV: 

- Private Show (video interlude) 

16. Circus (new choreo) 

17. Freakshow (same routine from POM) 

18.  Breathe On Me/Touch of My Hand (Circus Tour version) 

19. Slumber Party (new choreo) 

Act V: Encore 

20. Toxic (new choreo and new big prop with jump) 

21. Till the World Ends (new choreo) 

22. Work ***** (same routine from POM) 

- Britney tells everyone to give it up for her dancers and band and thanks the fans for waiting so long and wishes everyone a goodnight) 

I know this will never happen but I'd die if it did and their would be all new costumes that are as amazing as Onyx Hotel Tour, DWAD Tour, and Circus Tour costumes and all the songs would have prerecorded vocals) 

what do y'all think sorry it's so long I'm just really bored:snapney:

Update: Don't Let This Thread Flop:meltdown:

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