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The thing I like most about the Slumber Party video is its colors!


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I hope if we get a third video they get another director like him. Every costume was fabulous and the set was so pretty like I wish there was a behind the scenes so I could see that fishtank wall/window thing up close. I'm glad Tinashe was in it, I feel like the scenes where Brit is in baby blue on the couch would have been very boring by herself. 


I wonder what Randee thought.... 

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All her best videos have a mood to it and that mood comes from the song obviously, but also from colors, outfits etc. :FOH:

So YES - This video had the perfect lighting, everything was well coordinated and in unison with the outfits, song, mood etc..

I also love the fact that there are FINALLY no product placements.

Product placements cheapened some of her videos so much, especially if they didn't even fit with the rest of the video, so i'm glad her team got their act together in that sense :verycool:

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