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Honestly, does "Glory" live up to the hype?

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After a series of turbulent events that proved counterproductive which include, the release of an alternate "Make Me" video, and choosing a less than stellar album cover, Britney finally released her ninth LP "Glory." Does it live up to it's title and all the hype though?

The album opens with breathy vocals on experimental track "Invitation" before going into lead single "Make Me" that pre-determines the tone of the entire album. Britney kisses auto-tune abuse and vocoder overdoses goodbye on tracks like "What You Need" and "Change Your Mind" and gives us the sass and atitude that has been missing for quite a while now .

She burrows many elements from her fourth album "In The Zone" by experimenting with new sounds and genres she isn't accustomed to, that range from R&B to psychedelic dream-pop, aswell as incorporating other languages on tracks like "Coupoure Electrique" and standout track "Man On The Moon" which shines a light on a more mature Britney that puts the *** innuendos away for a bit, to get in touch with her sensitive side.

While the album does have it's down-sides like an annoyingly over-pitched "Private Show," the small mishaps are overshadowed by stand-out tracks like "Just Luv Me" where she serenades her love interest, and "Liar" which could easily be deemed as a "Stronger: Part Two."

It hasn't been a very blissful journey for Britney as an artist with the release of the Myah Marie assisted album "Britney Jean" followed by the abomination that was "Pretty Girls" but it seems that she's finally learning her lesson and delivering the album she's promised since "Femme Fatale."

With the abcense of long-time producers Max Martin, Danja and Bloodshy & Avant, Britney delivered an album that could easily be considered the love-child of "Blackout" and "In The Zone" and shamelessly proves why she's still a major power in the music industry after twenty years. 

Invitation: 6.5/10 

Make Me: 9/10 

Private Show: 6.5/10 

Man On The Moon: 9/10 

Just Luv Me: 10/10 

Clumsy: 7.5/10 

Do You Wanna Come Over: 9/10 

Slumber Party: 10/10

Just Like Me: 7.5/10

Love Me Down: 8/10 

Hard To Forget Ya: 8/10 

What You Need: 7/10 

Better: 8.5/10 

Change Your Mind(No Seas Cortes): 9/10
Liar: 10/10 

If I'm Dancing: 7/10 

Coupure Electrique: 6/10 

Glory: 9/10 

I hope y'all like my review :)  

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1 hour ago, nicest guy on exhale said:

I think this album is Amazing. I never listen to Britney Jean.  I can't stop listening to this album.  Almost every song is perfect.  There are songs that give me chills, her vocals are amazing.  The album seems like an album.  I just....Im so happy. :comingthru:

So am I!

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